Title Author Year Price  
Algal Biology and Biotechnology Khattar, J I S et al eds 2009 Rs 1015.75
Analytical Techniques in DNA Sequencing Nunnally, Brian K 2009 Rs 335.75
Basics of X Ray Diffraction and its Applications (PB) Hebbar, K Ramakanth 2015 Rs 191.25
Biosensors and Bioelectronics Reddy, Dharaneeswara et al 2013 Rs 378.25
Biotechnology of Orchids Reddy, Jayaram 2008 Rs 1695.75
Computer Basics with Office Automation (PB) Kumar, Archana 2016 Rs 250.75
Crop Improvement: Strategies and Applications Setia, R C et al eds 2008 Rs 1270.75
Current Trends in Medicinal Botany Iqbal, Muhammad et al eds 0 Rs 2545.75
Dictionary of Synonyms Indian Medicinal Plants: With an Appraisal of Indian Systems of Medicine Khare's C P 2012 Rs 1695.75
Diversity of Lower Plants Gupta, Rajan Kumar & Mukesh Kumar eds 2014 Rs 2545.75
Enzymes in Food Processing: Fundamentals and Potential Applications Panesar, Parmjit S et al eds 2010 Rs 1270.75
Food Biotechnology: Principles and Practices Joshi, V K & R S Singh eds 2012 Rs 2970.75
Frontiers in Plant Sciences Mukerji, K G et al eds 2005 Rs 1912.50
Handbook of Soil Fungi Nagamani, A et al 2006 Rs 2120.75
Microbial Applications Gaur, Rajeeva et al eds 2012 Rs 1355.75
Nitrate in Leafy Vegetables: Toxicity and Safety Measures Umar, Shahid et al eds 2013 Rs 1355.75
Oxidative Stress in Plants: Causes Consequences and Toleranc e Anjum, Naser A et al 2012 Rs 2120.75
Photosynthesis: Overviews on Recent Progress and Future Perspectives Itoh, Shigeru et al 2012 Rs 1695.75
Plant Cell Biology 2nd edn Hawes, Chris & B S Jeunemaitre eds 2004 Rs 446.25
Plant Tissue Culture and Molecular Markers: Their Role in Improving Crop Productivity Kumar, Ashwani & N S Shekhawat eds 2009 Rs 2120.75
Protein Purification Applications 2nd edn Roe, Simon ed 2004 Rs 386.75
Soil Mechanics 8th edn Knappett, J A 2014 Rs 675.75
Tools for Vermitechnology Dash, Madhab, Chandra 2013 Rs 1525.75
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