Title Author Year Price  
Anatomy of Vertebrates: Fishes and Reptiles Owen, Richard ed 1984 Rs 1062.50
Anatomy of Woody Plants Jaffrey, E C ed 1985 Rs 1275.00
Carcinological Fauna of India Alcock, A ed 1985 Rs 1062.50
Disease Scenario in Crop Plants; Vol 01: Fruits and Vegetables Vol 02: Cereals Pulses Oil Seeds and Cash Crops Agnihotri, V P et al 1996 Rs 1105.00
Diseases of Cultivable Freshwater Fishes and their Control Chakrabarti, N M 1994 Rs 255.00
Fungi Which Cause Plant Disease Stevens, F L 2015 Rs 1062.50
Geology of the Lower Himalaya: Garhwal Saklani, P S 1993 Rs 680.00
Introduction to the Study of Botany Hooker, W J ed 1986 Rs 807.50
Lac Culture in India Ghorai, N 1995 Rs 382.50
Manual of Indian Wood Technology Brown, H P ed 1985 Rs 467.50
Parasitic Copepoda and Branchiura of Fishes in 2 Vols Yamaguti, Satyu 0 Rs 2975.00
Report on the Diseases of Silkworms in India Jameson, A Pringle 1984 Rs 467.50
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