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Title Author Year Price  
Abiotic Stresses: Plant Resistance through Breeding and Molecular Approaches Ashraf, M & P J C Harris eds 2006 Rs 1700.00
Adaptations and Responses of Woody Plants to Environmental Stresses Arora, Rajeev ed 2006 Rs 892.50
Advanced Pathology and Treatment of Diseases of Domesti Animals: with Special Reference to Etiology Signs Pathology and Management (PB) Singh, C D N et al 2012 Rs 297.50
Advanced Pathology and Treatment of Diseases of Poultry withSpecial Reference to Etiology Signs Pathology & Managemen (PB) Singh, C D N 0 Rs 233.75
Agro Information System: Identification and Parameterizationof Needs of Farmers Planners and Research Workers Metkewer, P S & H S Acharya 2007 Rs 420.75
Agrotechniques for Umbelliferous Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of India Bimbraw, Avtar Singh 2006 Rs 765.00
Analytical Techniques in Animal Nutrition Research Pathak, N N et al 1996 Rs 170.00
Bovine Mastitis and Uddar Affections Singh, Satyavarat 2006 Rs 807.50
Broiler Breeder Production Leeson, S & J D Summers 2001 Rs 722.50
Citrus Singh, Shyam & S A M H Naqvi 2001 Rs 3145.00
Citrus Nutrition Srivastava, A K & Shyam Singh 2003 Rs 2805.00
Clonal Tissue Culture of Important Fruit Crops Kumar, Arvind & Vandana A Kumar 1998 Rs 760.75
Colour Atlas of Wildlife Diseases and Disorders Arora, B M & A Chakraborty 2009 Rs 4245.75
Comprehensive Micropropagation of Horticultural Crops Chandra, Ramesh & Maneesh Mishra eds 2003 Rs 1695.75
Crop Production in Saline Environments: Global and Integrative Perspectives Goyal, Sham S et al eds 2004 Rs 1440.75
Development Communication: Applied to Journalism and Mass Communication Extension Education and Communication Dubey, V K et al eds 2009 Rs 2040.00
Earthworm Ecology and Environment Singh, Satyendra M 2009 Rs 807.50
Environmental Soil Science Singh, A K 2009 Rs 850.00
Equine Husbandry and Equestrian Sports Panwar, B S & K N Yadav 2010 Rs 1062.50
Floriculture: From Greenhouse Production to Floral Design Biondo, Ronald J & Dianne A Noland 2006 Rs 1870.00
Fruit and Vegetable Processing/FAO Dauthy, Mircea Enachescu 1997 Rs 765.00
Genetic Resources of Horticultural Crops Singh, Dharmendra & S Manivannan 2009 Rs 675.75
Glossary of Soil Sciences Patel, S V et al 2008 Rs 361.25
Growing Strawberries Sharma, R R 2002 Rs 680.00
Handbook of Applied Animal Nutrition Niranjan, P S et al 2010 Rs 845.75
Handbook of Microbial Biofertilizers Rai, M K ed 2007 Rs 1445.00
Handbook of Poultry Nutrition Reddy, V Ramasubba & Dinesh T Bhosale ed 2004 Rs 935.00
High Density Planting in Tropical Fruits: Principles and Practices Iyer, C P A & Reju M Kurian 2006 Rs 977.50
Instant Veterinary Drug Index: Biolgics and Pharmaceutics (PB) Dabas, Y P S et al 2015 Rs 335.75
Intensive Cropping: Efficent Use of Water Nutrients and Tillage Prihar, S S et al 2003 Rs 892.50
Landscape Gardening: A Professional Perspective on Design Planning Construction and Management in 2 Vols Banker, Narendra 2011 Rs 3825.00
Medicinal Plants: Antidiabetic and Hypoglycaemic Activities Ray, A B et al 2010 Rs 1700.00
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