Global Vision

Title Author Year Price  
Agriculture and Rural Development in India: Some Emerging Issues Bharati, Anirudh & S D Chamola 2018 Rs 1258.00
Biotechnology: Potential Applications and Prospects Geetha, Natesan et al 2018 Rs 1275.00
Book of Numbers Cheiro`s 2018 Rs 590.75
Climatology Malhotra, Ravi 2018 Rs 1360.00
Demonetisation in India Reasons Effects and Government Initiatives Pendse, Neelkanth Gajanan & Sukanta Sarkar 2018 Rs 722.50
Digital Governance K V Sumi 2018 Rs 671.50
Digital Journalism Fernando, Ligimol 2018 Rs 807.50
Discourse on the Origin and the Foundations of Inequality Among Men Rousseau, Jean Jacques 2018 Rs 807.50
Fear of Death and the Bhagavad Gita: A Psycho Philosophic Analysis Ganguli, H C 2018 Rs 807.50
Food Biotechnology in 2 Vols Singh, Rita 2018 Rs 1657.50
Gandhian Ecology and Sustainable Development in Changing Perspectives Ghosh, Ravi 2018 Rs 1105.00
Global Warming: Origin Significance and Management Chattopadhyay, R & Mandira Chatterjee 2018 Rs 1275.00
Indian Financial Systems Pendse, Neelkanth Gajanan & Sukanta Sarkar 2018 Rs 1360.00
Indian Philosophy of Knowledge: A Comparative Study Shastri, L C 2018 Rs 807.50
Industrial Biotechnology Singh, Rita & S K Ghosh 2018 Rs 1275.00
International Trade and Monetary Economy Chaudhary, Sunil & M A Chaudhary 2018 Rs 1181.50
Investigation of Crime Scene Allison, Robert 2018 Rs 1062.50
Language of the Hand Cheiro`s 2018 Rs 637.50
Local Self Governance Deshmukh, Priyaka 2018 Rs 1317.50
Manual Islamic Counselling Husain, Akbar et al 2018 Rs 510.00
Marx`s Philosophy of Price and Profit Chaudhary, Sunil ed 2018 Rs 807.50
Media Management Chaturvedi, B K 2009 Rs 799.00
Palmistry for All Cheiro`s 2018 Rs 552.50
Principle of Population Malthus, Thomas 2018 Rs 807.50
Ravana and Lanka Ramakrishnan, R K 2018 Rs 807.50
Refugee Crisis: Global Perspectives and Role of United Nations Sarkar, Sukanta & Saidur Rahman 2018 Rs 1275.00
Rural Journalism Mittal, S K 2018 Rs 765.00
Sexual Inversion: The Scientific and Psycho Historical Study of Lesbian and Gay Kerber, K L 2015 Rs 1266.50
Socio Political Movements in North Bengal: A Sub Himalayan Tract in 2 Vols Barma, Sukhbilas ed 2018 Rs 1657.50
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