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Title Author Year Price  
Advanced Studies in Management in 3 Vols Pareek, Saroj 2016 Rs 3442.50
Career Counselling and Guidance: Practices Tools and Techniques in 2 Vols Gupta, G C 2016 Rs 2125.00
Crime and Child Psychology in 2 Vols Kapoor, P L 2017 Rs 2890.00
English Language Literature and Communication in 2 Vols Kapoor, P L 2017 Rs 2975.00
General Knowledge and Reseach Methods in 2 Vols Singh, Ram 2016 Rs 2550.00
Handbook of International Economics Trade and Consumer Rights in 3 Vols Sahu, M P 2017 Rs 4080.00
Handbook of Managerial Business and Principles Economics in 3 Vols Prasad, G S 2017 Rs 4207.50
Hindi Sahitya: Jagat ke Parsidh Upanyaskaro ka Aalochnatmak Adhayyan in 2 Vols  (Hindi) Tandan, Rameshpal 2016 Rs 1691.50
Project Planning: Analysis and Management in 2 Vols Sharma, Shri Ram 2017 Rs 2125.00
Rural Planning in Developing Countries in 2 Vols Das, Shankar 2016 Rs 2125.00
Samkaleen Hindi Sahitya Kosh in 6 Vols (Hindi) Solanki, K K 2017 Rs 7650.00
Women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Walia, Paranjitkaur J 2015 Rs 1062.50
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