Title Author Year Price  
A to Z in Ethnobotany: Dictionary of words and who's who in Indian ethnobotany Jain, S K & Ashok K Jain 2014 Rs 425.00
Asteraceae of Sikkim Kumar, S & V Singh 2001 Rs 340.00
Avionics for Pilots and Engineers Dhunta, P S 1998 Rs 637.50
Compendium of Indian Folk Medicine and Ethnobotany (1991-2015) Jain, Vartika, & S K Jain 2016 Rs 2975.00
CSIR and Rural Development Jain, Ashok et al 1995 Rs 297.50
Dictionary of Ethnoveterinary Plants of India (PB) Jain, S K 1999 Rs 297.50
Dictionary of Indian Folk Medicine and Ethnobotany Jain, S K 2015 Rs 1445.00
Entrepreneurship and Employment: Strategies for Human Resource Development Verma, S B 0 Rs 255.00
Ethnobiology in Human Welfare Jain, S K 1996 Rs 85.00
Ethnobotanical Studies in India Kumar, Sanjeev 2014 Rs 1445.00
Ethnobotany of Cold Desert Tribes of Lahoul Spiti: N W Himalaya Sood, S K et al 2001 Rs 340.00
Ethnobotany of Rewalsar Himalaya Sood, S K 0 Rs 340.00
Glimpses of Ethnobotany and Medicinal plants of Manipur North East India Das, Ajit Kumar et al 2017 Rs 1020.00
Glimpses of Indian Music Kuppuswamy, Gowry & M Hariharna 0 Rs 845.75
Introduction to Ethnobotany: Definitions Methods New Concepts and Approaches Jain, S K et al 2013 Rs 425.00
Linguistic Approach to Meaning in Pali Gupta, K Manohar 2007 Rs 845.75
Medico Botany of Garhwal Himalayas Srivastava, Nivedita 2014 Rs 765.00
Methods and Approaches in Ethnobotay: Concepts Practices and Prospects Jain, S K & Vartika Jain 2017 Rs 595.00
Music in Indian Art Hariharan, Meena ¬†et al 0 Rs 845.75
Notable Plants in Ethnomedicine of India Jain, S K et al 1991 Rs 212.50
Orchidaceae and Mankind Sood, S K et al 2006 Rs 255.00
Plants Affecting Human Mind: Psychoactive Plants Jain, S K 2009 Rs 595.00
Principles of G P S Dhunta, P S 2001 Rs 977.50
Recent Advances in Ethnobotany Kumar, Sanjeev 2015 Rs 1445.00
Science Communication: The Scholarly Medium Sharma, B C & R N Sharma 2006 Rs 306.00
Supplement to Flora of Andhra Pradesh India Reddy, C Sudhakar et al 2008 Rs 510.00
WTO and the Indian Economy Chadha, G K ed 2001 Rs 765.00
Zingiberaceae of Sikkim Kumar, S 2001 Rs 170.00
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