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Agricultural Production Economics in 2 Vols Kumar, K N Ravi 2016 Rs 3820.75
Agronomy: Facts and Approaches (PB) Ghosh, Ashis Kumar & P Das 2016 Rs 335.75
Analytical Techniques for Decision Making in Agriculture Raju, S S et al 2016 Rs 1695.75
Communication in Extension Education Adhikary, M M et al 2015 Rs 2120.75
Dryland Fruit Crops Kadlag, A D et al 2016 Rs 1015.75
Food Processing and Preservation Khetarpaul, Neelam 2005 Rs 1695.75
Fruit Marketing in India Raju, M S Senam 2002 Rs 845.75
Mineral Resources and Development Roonwal, G S et al eds 2016 Rs 1100.75
Nutritional Value and Health Benefits from Fruits Vegetables Nuts and Spices Chavan, U D 2015 Rs 2970.75
Plant Health Management for Food Security: Issues and Approaches Katti, Gururaj et al 2016 Rs 1695.75
Principles of Biometrical Genetics Kute, Nandakumar & Gorakshanath Shinde 2016 Rs 1100.75
Role Stress Communication and Empowerment Mishra, Rashmi 2016 Rs 845.75
Soil Fertility Fertilizers and Agrochemicals Jaga, Praveen Kumar & Bharat Singh 2016 Rs 1525.75
Water and Wastewater Analysis Kaul, S N & Ashutosh Gautam 2016 Rs 1695.75
Wildlife and Ground Flora: An Interaction Scenario of Forests of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri Chaudhuri, A B & D D Sarkar 2003 Rs 505.75
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