Title Author Year Price  
Ancient Indian Coinage (PB) Jain, Rekha 2017 Rs 425.00
Aquarium Owner's Manual Sandford, Gina 1999 $ 21.25
Art of Tabla Rhythm: Essentials Tradition and Creativity with CD Saxena, Sudhir Kumar 2006 Rs 467.50
Dikshaprakash (Hindi) Upadhyay, Shitala Prasad 2018 Rs 425.00
Electrical Power Engineering: Reference and Applications Handbook Agrawal, K C 2017 Rs 6800.00
Encyclopaedia of Buddhist Deities Demigods Godlings Saints and Demons in 2 Vols Bunce, Fredrick W 2016 Rs 6800.00
Essentials of Indian Philosophy (PB) Hiriyanna, M 2017 Rs 272.00
Experiencing One World (PB) Guru, Nataraja 2017 Rs 493.00
Forestry Research in India: Evolution Expansion and Future Challenges Singh, R V 2017 Rs 1062.50
Fundamentals of Indian Philosophy (PB) Puligandla, Ramakrishna 2008 Rs 467.50
GITAM Journals of Gandhian Studies: Dedicated to Promote Altruism Peace and Nonviolence Vol 3 GITAM 2014 Rs 680.00
History and Culture of Tamil Nadu Vol 2: c1310 to c1885 AD (PB) Madhavan, Chithra 2017 Rs 340.00
Human Development in Indian Perspective Vatsyayan, Kapila 2018 Rs 505.75
Idealistic Thought in Indian Philosophy Divatia, Shuchita C 2017 Rs 765.00
India`s Cultural Heritage and Identity Vatsyayan, Kapila 2018 Rs 935.00
Jadavpur Journal of Philosophy Vol 26 No 1 (PB) Chattopadhyay, Madhumita 2017 Rs 255.00
Jnana Yoga: The Way of Knowledge Puligandla, Ramakrishna 2017 Rs 408.00
Kela: A Nomadic Caste of Orissa: A Study of their Conflict and Social Change Mohanty, Uma Charan 2017 Rs 680.00
Krsna in the Harivamsa Vol 2: The Greatest of All Sovereigns and Masters Couture, Andre 2017 Rs 1275.00
Kundalini: Stilled or Stirred (PB) Bharati, Swami Veda 2016 Rs 238.00
Lalita Sahasranama: A Comprehensive Study of One Thousand Names of Lalita Maha Tripurasundari (PB) Joshi, L M 2009 Rs 722.50
Life Times and Miracles of Sree Narayana Guru (PB) Ramachandran, K K 2017 Rs 510.00
Manuscript Heritage on Astronomy Reddy, V Venkataramana 2017 Rs 425.00
Mudras in Buddhist and Hindu Practices: An Iconographic Consideration Bunce, Fredrick W 2017 Rs 1700.00
Philosophy of Narayana Guru (PB) Prasad, Swami Muni Narayana 2003 Rs 272.00
Psychology in the India Tradition (PB) Rao, K Ramakrishna & Anand C Paranjpe 2017 Rs 756.50
Psychology in the Indian Tradition Rao, K Ramakrishna & Anand C Paranjpe 2017 Rs 1360.00
Psychology of Darsanamala Yati, Nitya Chaitanya 2017 Rs 841.50
Rasatarangini of Bhanudatta (Hindi) Bhavnagari, Nina C 2018 Rs 510.00
Saundaryalahari of Sankaracarya (PB) Guru, Nataraja 2017 Rs 760.75
Science of Validation of Medicinal and Edible Plants for Cure and Good Health Kipgen, Haokholet & S K Vettivel 2017 Rs 467.50
Valmiki Ramayana: Voices and Visions Singh, Avadhesh Kumar 2017 Rs 1360.00
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