Title Author Year Price  
Ayush in Public Health in 2 Vols Mutatkar, R K 2017 Rs 2125.00
Betwixt Development and Discontent Prasad, Lalta 2017 Rs 1275.00
Capacity Building for Local Body Leaders Palanithurai, G 2001 Rs 191.25
Chikitsatmak Manavshastra (Hindi) Pandey, Gaya 2017 Rs 1020.00
Children: The Vasished Childhood Ghosh, Swati & Debotosh Sinha 2017 Rs 935.00
Contemporary Indian Society: A Gendered Perspective Saikia, Jyoti Prasad & Shweta Prasad 2017 Rs 680.00
Contemporary Issues of Economic Development in India Jana, Sebak K & Debasish Mondal 2017 Rs 1190.00
Contemporizing Raj Yoga: Neuroscience and Practices Vyas, Bhaskar & Rajni Vyas 2017 Rs 467.50
Corporate Deceptions Chengalayi, P P Sadanandan 2017 Rs 680.00
Dynamics of New Panchayati Raj System in India Vol 6: Capacity Building Palanithurai, G ed 2008 Rs 722.50
Fasal Suraksha mein Jaivik Prabandhan (PB) Srivastava, Mukesh 2015 Rs 297.50
Forests and Tribal Livelihood: Changing Behaviours and Attitudes Lobo, Lancy & Jayesh Shah 2017 Rs 892.50
Gandhi and Nehru: Reflections Through Letters Mishra, Anil Dutta 2017 Rs 510.00
Gender: Themes and Issues Saikia, Jyoti Prasad 2017 Rs 467.50
Global Urban Process: Growth of Towns and Cities Bhattacharya, Bimalendu 2017 Rs 1615.00
Globalization and Religion: Interactions and Divergences Pannackal, Scaria & Vasundhara Mohan 2017 Rs 977.50
Glossary of Plant Protection Sciences Srivastava, Mukesh & Udit Narayan 2000 Rs 114.75
Governance Reforms: Critical Issues and Challenges Patnaik, Karunakar 2017 Rs 892.50
Historial and Constitutional Documents of North Eastern India Bose, M L 2017 Rs 1020.00
History of Anthropology Haddon, Alfred C 2017 Rs 425.00
India EU Free Trade Agreement: Potential Impact on the Northeast India Thangjam, Homen et al 2017 Rs 637.50
Indias Tryst with Democracy: Changing Contours of Politics Economy Society Pandey, Shashikant 2017 Rs 1020.00
Indigenous Knowledge and Human Development: A Study in North East India Barua, Indira 2015 Rs 680.00
Inland Water Transport in India Misra, R P 2017 Rs 892.50
Introduction to Entomology Srivastava, P D & R P Singh 1997 Rs 510.00
Issues in Higher Learning Institutions Palanithurai, G 2017 Rs 637.50
Looking Back the Efforts on Decentralization in India Palanithurai, G 2017 Rs 340.00
Managerial Communication for Modern Organisations Guru, B P Mahesh Chandra & B K Ravi 2017 Rs 1232.50
Medical Anthropology: Tradition and Change Sharma, B V 2017 Rs 637.50
Mental Health: Psycho Social Perspective Vol 3: Strength of Human Resources Shukla, Aradhana & Anubhuti Dubey 2017 Rs 1020.00
Mental Health; Psycho Social Perspective Vol 4: Therapeutic Applications Dubey, Anubhuti & Aradhana Shukla 2017 Rs 1020.00
Mukat Vidhyalayi Shiksha: Abhivrati Samasyaye aur Samadhan (Hindi) Kumar, Dinesh 2017 Rs 807.50
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