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Title Author Year Price  
Basic Concepts of Plant Biotechnology: With MCQs (PB) Prakash, Vijay & Niraj Tripathi 2018 Rs 233.75
Forestry: A Subjective Guide for IFS Aspirants Parthiban, K T et al 2016 Rs 2252.50
Forestry: A Subjective Guide for IFS Aspirants (PB) Parthiban, K T et al 2016 Rs 467.50
Key to Success in Agriculture: Objective MCQs for JRF SRF NET and Other Competitive Exams (PB) Kalsariya, B N & P R Kanani 2017 Rs 297.50
Objective Agribusiness Management for JRF SRF ARS NET SLET Civil Services and Other Competitive Examinations 2nd edn (PB) Panigrahy, Shakti Ranjan et al 2017 Rs 191.25
Objective Agricultural Biotechnology 2nd Ed (PB) Arya, R L et al 2017 Rs 531.25
Objective Agronomy: MCQs for Agricultural Competitive Examinations 2nd ed (PB) Arya, R L 2016 Rs 382.50
Objective Forestry for All Competitive Examination 2nd edn (PB) Parthiban, K T et al 2016 Rs 306.00
Objective Home Science at a Glance (PB) Balda, Shanti et al eds 2015 Rs 221.00
Objective Life Science: MCQs for Life Science Examination CSIR DBT ICAR ICMR ASRB IARI SET & NET 3rd edn (PB) Choudhary, Kailash et al 2017 Rs 527.00
Objective Plant Pathology: MCQs for Competitive Examinations 2nd Revised edn (PB) Banik, Susanta 2018 Rs 212.50
Objective Plant Physiology: MCQ in Plant Physiology for ARS CSIR TIFR NCBS IISc GATE IIT JAM JRF SRF Biology Olympiads and Other Competitive Examinations 2nd revised ed (PB) Dwivedi, Padmanabh & Prasann Kumar 2018 Rs 297.50
Objective Seed Science and Technology (PB) Vanangamudi, K et al 2017 Rs 361.25
SET Life Science: Solved Exam Papers (PB) Choudhary, Kailash et al 2018 Rs 306.00
Vegetable Crops at a Glance (PB) Tyagi, S K & Arun R Khire 2018 Rs 467.50
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