Title Author Year Price  
Advanced Bioenergetics and Biodynamics Amin, M 2011 Rs 845.75
Bioenergy for Sustainability and Security Behera, Basanta Kumara & Ajit Varma 2018 Rs 1695.75
Bioremediation Technology: Recent Advances Fulekar, M H ed 2010 Rs 1185.75
Bouguer Gravity Regional and Residual Separation: Application to Geology and Environment Mallick, K et al 2012 Rs 1100.75
Cadastre: Geo Information Innovations in Land Administration Yomralioglu, Tahsin & J McLaughlin 2017 Rs 1695.75
Climate Change and Island and Coastal Vulnerability Sundaresan, J et la 2013 Rs 1270.75
Energy Ecology and Environment: A Technological Approach Kaushika, N D & Kshitij Kaushik 2004 Rs 845.75
Environment Education for Ecosystem Conservation Ramachandra, T V ed 2008 Rs 845.75
Groundwater Development and Management: Issues and Challenges in South Asia Sikdar, Pradip K 2018 Rs 2035.75
High Impact Weather Events and Their Prediction Over the SAARC Region Ray, Kamaljit et al 2014 Rs 1695.75
Integrated Watershed Management: Perspectives and Problems Beheim, Einar et al eds 2010 Rs 1185.75
Macroeconomics of Mineral and Water Resources Important Issues Chatterjee, Kaulir Kisor 2014 Rs 1100.75
Nanotechnology: Principles and Practices 3rd edn Kulkarni, Sulabha K 2014 Rs 590.75
Natural and Man Made Disasters: Assessment and Management Nagarajan, R 2014 Rs 1440.75
Perspectives in Urban Development: Issues in InfrastructurePlanning and Governance Jha, Ramanath & Jyoti Chandiramani 2012 Rs 675.75
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