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Active Packaging for Food Applications Brody, Aaron L et al eds 2017 Rs 1695.75
Advances in Food Extrusion Technology Maskan, Medeni & Aylin Altan 2017 Rs 2545.75
Analysis of Pesticides in Food and Environmental Samples Tadeo, Jose L ed 2016 Rs 2545.75
Basic Concepts of Environmental Chemistry 2nd edn Connell, Des W 2016 Rs 2545.75
Bioactive Food Proteins and Peptides: Applicatoins in Human Health Hettiarachchy, Navam S et al eds 2016 Rs 2800.75
Bioactive Natural Products: Detection Isolation and Structural Determination 2nd edn Colegate, S M & P R Dorling eds 2016 Rs 4245.75
Biological Control of Plant Diseases Chincholkar, S B & Mukerji, K G 2016 Rs 2800.75
Biologically Active Natural Products: Agrochemicals Cutler, Horace G & Stephen J C eds 2016 Rs 2970.75
Biologically Active Natural Products: Pharmaceuticals Cutler, Horace G & Stephen J C eds 2011 Rs 2715.75
Crop Improvement: Challenges in the Twenty First Century Kang, Manjit S 2017 Rs 2970.75
Engineering Aspects of Cereal and Cereal Based Productss Guine, Raquel de Pinho Ferreira ed 2017 Rs 2545.75
Environmental Biotechnology Fulekar, M H 2014 Rs 3395.75
Extracting Bioactive Compounds for Food Products: Theory and Applications Meireles, M Angela A ed 2017 Rs 2970.75
Flavonoids: Chemistry Biochemistry and Applications Andersen, Oyvind M & Kenneth R Markham 2016 Rs 5945.75
Flavor Chemistry and Technology 2nd edn Reineccius, Gary 2016 Rs 3395.75
Food Additives 2nd revised and expanded edn Branen, A Larry et al eds 2016 Rs 6795.75
Food and Nutritional Toxicology Omaye, Stanley T 2017 Rs 2120.75
Food Colorants: Chemical and Functional Properties Socaciu, Carmen ed 2016 Rs 3820.75
Food Engineering Aspects of Baking Sweet Goods Sumnu, Servet Gulum & Serpil Sahin 2017 Rs 2120.75
Food Industry Quality Control Systems Clute, Mark 2017 Rs 3395.75
Food Lipids: Chemistry Nutrition and Biotechnology Akoh, Casimir C & David B Min eds 2017 Rs 5945.75
Food Oxidants and Antioxidants: Chemical Biological and Functional Properties Bartosz, Grzegorz ed 2016 Rs 4245.75
Food Plant Design Barbosa, Gustavo V 2017 Rs 2545.75
Food Plant Sanitation Hui, Y H et al eds 2016 Rs 5520.75
Food Polysaccharides and their Applications 2nd ed Stephen, Alistair M et al eds 2017 Rs 5095.75
Food Processing Operations and Scale Up Valentas, Kenneth J et al 2016 Rs 2545.75
Food Processing Operations Modeling: Design and Analysis 2nd edn Jun, Soojin & Joseph M Irudayaraj 2017 Rs 2545.75
Food Product Design: A Computer Aided Statistical Approach Hu, Ruguo 2017 Rs 1695.75
Food Quality Assurance: Principles and Practices Alli, Inteaz 2017 Rs 1270.75
Food Safety Chemistry: Toxicant Occurrence Analysis and Mitigation Yu, Liangli et al 2017 Rs 2120.75
Fruit and Cereal Bioactives: Sources Chemistry and Applications Tokusoglu, Ozlem et al eds 2016 Rs 3820.75
Functional Food Carbohydrates Biliaderis, Costas G & Marta S Izydorczyk 2017 Rs 3395.75
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