Title Author Year Price  
Advances in Microbial Control of Insect Pests Upadhyay, Rajeev K ed 2008 Rs 1780.75
Advances in Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis Atkinson, Peter M & Nicholas J Tatae ed 2013 Rs 845.75
Agricultural Extension 2nd edn (PB) Ban, A W Van Den & H S Hawkins 2002 Rs 318.75
Animal Cell Culture and Technology Butler, M 2008 Rs 675.75
Animal Reproduction: Principles Practices Sorensen, A M 2014 Rs 845.75
Applied Dairy Microbiology 2nd Revised and Expanded edn Marth, Elmer H & James L Steele eds 2005 Rs 1865.75
Applied Fish Pharmacology Treves-Brown, K M 2008 Rs 1780.75
Applied Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics (PB) Kumar, Pradeep 2015 Rs 420.75
Aquaculture: The Farming and Husbandry of Freshwater and Marine Organisms (PB) Bardach, John E et al eds 2014 Rs 1015.75
B R Ambedkar and Social Justice: Toqards a Ega;itarian Social Order (PB) P, Ashok Kumar 2015 Rs 420.75
Basic Concepts of Fruit Science: A Compendium for JRF SRF ARS NET SET and PhD 2nd Revised and Enlarged edn Singh, Neeraj Pratap 2015 Rs 505.75
Basic Food Microbiology 2nd edn Banwart, George J 2004 Rs 382.50
Beer Analysis: Modern Methods of Plant Analysis Linskens, H F & J F Jackson eds 2009 Rs 1695.75
Biochemistry: A Short Course Mathews, Harry R et al eds 2014 Rs 845.75
Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery Larson, Richard S 2008 Rs 1780.75
Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis 2nd edn Mount, David W 2005 Rs 1270.75
Bioresource Technology Tripathi, G 2002 Rs 1015.75
Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Processing and Preservation Avis, Kenneth E & Vincent L Wu 2011 Rs 1695.75
Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry Renaville, R & A Burny eds 2008 Rs 1780.75
Biotechnology in India in 2 Vols Scheper 2008 Rs 5091.50
Cell and Molecular Biology 8th edn (PB) Robertis, E D P De & E M F De Robertis 2014 Rs 1270.75
Cell Components: Modern Methods of Plant Analysis Linskens, H F & J F Jackson eds 2009 Rs 1695.75
Cereals and Cereal Products: Chemistry and Technology Dendy, David A V & B J Dobraszczyk 2005 Rs 1780.75
Chemistry and Testing of Dairy Products 4th edn Atherton 2000 Rs 212.50
Chemistry of Pesticides (PB) Roy, N K 2013 Rs 335.75
Clinical Trials of Drugs and Biopharmaceuticals Lee, Chin Jen et al 2011 Rs 1440.75
Coloring of Food Drugs and Cosmetics Otterstatter, Gisbert 2014 Rs 2120.75
Cookery for the Young Housewife: Indian Continental and Chinese Bhatia, Uma 2002 Rs 335.75
Cotton Fibres: Developmental Biology Quality Improvement and Textile Processing Basra, Amarjit S ed 2002 Rs 845.75
Dairy Science and Technology Handbook Vol 2: Product Manufacturing Hui, Y H ¬†ed 2014 Rs 930.75
Desabhakta The Colossus : A Study of Eminent Freedom Fighter Reddy, D Venkateswara 2015 Rs 552.50
Dictionary of Entomology Leftwich, A W 2004 Rs 80.75
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