Title Author Year Price  
Advancement of Veterinary Science Vol 3: History of the Healing Professions Michell, A R ed 1993 P 38.25
Advances in Stored Product Protection Credland, P F et al eds 2003 P 148.75
Agricultural Biotechnology and Transatlantic Trade: Regulatory Barriers to GM Crops Isaac, Grant E 2002 P 76.50
Agro Industries for Development Silva, Carlos et al 2010 P 38.25
Agrobiodiversity: Characterisation Utilisation and Management Wood, D & J M Lenne eds 1999 P 102.00
Air Pollution and the Forests of Developing and Rapidly Industrialising Countries Innes, J L & A H Haron eds 2000 P 59.50
Applied Mycology Rai, Mahendra & Paul D Bridge eds 2009 P 76.50
Applied Nutrition for Young Pigs Ioannis, Mavromichalis 2006 P 68.00
Aquaculture and Fisheries Biotechnology: Genetic Approaches 2nd edn Dunham, R A 2011 Rs 3395.75
Aquaculture: An Introductory Text 2nd edn Stickney, Robert 2009 P 33.96
Avocado: Botany Production and uses 2nd ed Schaffer, Bruce et al 2013 P 102.00
Beef Cattle Production Systems Herring A D 2014 P 33.96
Below Ground Interactions in Tropical Agroecosystems: Concepts and Models with Multiple Plant Components Noordwijk, M van et al eds 2004 P 97.75
Biodiversity Information: Needs and Options Hawksworth, D L et al eds 1997 P 59.50
Biological Control of Plant Parasitic Nematodes 2nd edn Stirling, G R 2014 P 84.96
Biological Control Programmes in Canada Mason, P G & J T Huber 2002 P 106.25
Biology of Breeding Poultry Hockeing, Paul 2009 P 93.50
Biotechnology and Plant Disease Management Punja, Z K et al eds 2007 P 97.75
Biotechnology and Sustainable Development Voices of the South and North Serageldin, I & G J Persley eds 2003 P 85.00
Biotechnology and the Improvement of Forage Legumes McKersie, B D & D C W Brown eds 1997 P 106.25
Botanical Medicine in Clinical Practice Watson, Ronald R & Victor R Preedy 2008 P 195.50
Carbon and Nutrient Dynamics in Natural and Agricultural Tropical Ecosystems Bergstrom, L & H Kirchmann eds 1999 P 55.25
Citrus Mites: Identification Bionomy and Control Vacante, Vincenzo 2010 P 80.75
Citrus: Genetics Breeding and Biotechnology Khan, I ed 2007 P 84.96
Climate Change Impact and Adaptation in Agricultural Systems Fuhrer, Jurg & Peter J. Gregory 2014 P 72.25
Coffee Pests Diseases and their Management Waller, J M et al ed 2007 P 80.75
Communicable Diseases: A Global Perspective 4th edn Webber, Roger 2012 P 33.96
Community Based Water Law and Water Resource Management Reform in Developing Countries Koppen, B Van et al 2007 P 72.25
Conservation Agriculture: Global Prospects and Challenges Jat, Ram A et al 2014 P 97.75
Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management Raison, R J et al eds 2001 P 82.45
Crop Plant Anatomy Maiti, Raikanta et al 2013 Rs 3395.75
Crop Science: Progress and Prospects Nosberger, J et al eds 2001 P 89.25
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