Title Author Year Price  
Army in British India: From Colonial Warfare to Total War 1857-1947 (PB) Roy, Kaushik 2017 Rs 424.15
Collingwood`s the Idea of History (PB) Johnson, Peter 2016 Rs 382.50
Critical and Cultural Theory (PB) Cavallaro, Dani 2016 Rs 509.15
Critical Theory Politics and Society: An Introduction (PB) Stirk, Peter M R 2017 Rs 509.15
Eighteenth Century Literature Handbook (PB) Day, Gary & Bridget Keegan 2017 Rs 424.15
Field Guide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent Kazmierczak, Krys ed 2015 Rs 849.15
Glossary of Feminist Theory (PB) Andermahr, Sonya et al 2016 Rs 594.15
Introduction to Philosophy (PB) Maritain, Jacques 2016 Rs 424.15
Mapping World Literature: International Canonization and Transnational Literatures (PB) Thomsen, Mads Rosendahl 2017 Rs 339.15
Mars`s Grundrisse (PB) Choat, Simon 2016 P 12.74
Modern Literary Theory: A Reader 4th edn (PB) Rice, Philip & Patricia Waugh 2016 Rs 849.15
Modernism Handbook (PB) Tew, Philip & Alex Murray 2017 Rs 424.15
Modernist Literature: A Guide for the Perplexed (PB) Childs, Peter 2016 Rs 382.50
Philosophy of Modern Literary Theory (PB) Zima, Peter V 2017 Rs 509.15
Postcolonialism: A Guide for the Perplexed (PB) Nayar, Pramod K 2016 Rs 424.15
Practical Guide to Studying History: Skills and Approaches (PB) Loughran, Tracey 2017 P 18.69
Seventeenth Century Literature Handbook (PB) Evans, Robert C & Eric J Sterling 2017 Rs 424.15
Son Preference: Sex Selection Gender and Culture in South Asia (PB) Purewal, Navtej K 2016 Rs 339.15
South Asian Sufis: Devotion Deviation and Destiny (PB) Bennett, Clinton & Charles M Ramsey 2016 Rs 594.15
Understanding Media Theory (PB) Williams, Kevin 2017 Rs 509.15
What is Theory?: Cultural Theory as Discourse and Dialogue (PB) Zima, Peter V 2017 Rs 509.15
Writing Contemporary History (PB) Gildea, Robert & Anne Simonin 2017 Rs 424.15
Writing Early Modern History (PB) Walker, Garthine 2017 Rs 424.15
Writing Gender History 2nd edn (PB) Downs, Laura Lee 2017 Rs 424.15
Writing History: Theory and Practice 2nd edn (PB) Berger, Stefan et al 2017 Rs 679.15
Writing Material Culture History (PB) Gerritsen, Anne & Giorgio Riello 2017 Rs 594.15
Writing Medieval History (PB) Partner, Nancy 2017 Rs 424.15
Writing Postcolonial History (PB) Majumdar, Rochona 2017 Rs 339.15
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