Title Author Year Price  
Advances in Aquaculture Hatchery Technology Allan, Geoff & Gavin Burnell 2017 Rs 3395.75
Advances in Food Diagnostics Nollet, Leo M L ed 2014 Rs 4245.75
Agronomy and Economy of Black Pepper and Cardamom Nair, K P Prabhakaran 2014 Rs 2120.75
Agronomy and Economy of Important Tree Crops of the Developing World Nair, K P Prabhakaran 2014 Rs 2120.75
Agronomy and Economy of Turmeric and Ginger: The Invaluable Medicinal Spice Crops Nair, K P Prabhakaran 2017 Rs 2970.75
Animal Biotechnology: Models in Discovery and Translation Verma, Ashish S & Anchal Singh 2017 Rs 4670.75
Animal Ecology Singh, Subodh K 2011 Rs 701.25
Animal Health Singh, Subodh K 2012 Rs 1062.50
Applications of Fluidization to Food Processing Smith, P G 2014 Rs 4245.75
Aquaculture Marketing Handbook Engle, Carole 2016 Rs 3820.75
Aquaculture Pond Fertilization: Impact of Nutrient Input on Production Mischke, Charles C 2017 Rs 3395.75
Bakery Food Manufacture and Quality: Water Control and Effects 2nd edn Cauvain, Stanley & Linda Yougn 2014 Rs 4245.75
Bioactive Compounds in Foods Gilbret, John & Hamide Z Senyuva 2014 Rs 4245.75
Bioeconomics of Fisheries Management Anderson, Lee G 2015 Rs 3820.75
Body Fitness and Exercise Sharma, Girish 2012 Rs 590.75
Cash Flow Planning in Agriculture Libbin, James D et al 2016 Rs 2970.75
Cereal Grains: Assessing and Managing Quality Wrigley, C W & I L Batey eds 2015 Rs 3820.75
Cereals Processing Technology Owens, Gavin ed 2018 Rs 2120.75
Citrus Fruit: Biology Technology and Evaluation Ladaniya, Milind S 2018 Rs 3820.75
Clinical Biochemistry of Domestic Animals 6th edn Kaneko, J Jerry et al eds 2018 Rs 6795.75
Clinical Examination of Farm Animals Jackson, Peter G G & Peter D Cockroft 2014 Rs 3820.75
Comprehensive and Molecular Phytopathology Dyakov, Yu T et al eds 2018 Rs 3395.75
Crop Nutrition: Principles & Practices Parthasarathi, M 2012 Rs 701.25
Dairy Fats and Related Products Tamime, A Y ed 2016 Rs 3820.75
Dairy Ingredients for Food Processing Chandan, Ramesh C & Arun Kilara 2017 Rs 4245.75
Dairy Processing: Improving Quality Smit, Gerrit ed 2015 Rs 3820.75
Deep Sea Fishing in India: From Trawler to Table Rao, U Shanker 2012 Rs 807.50
Economics of Farm Management in a Global Setting Olson, Kent D 2015 Rs 4245.75
Ecosystem Based Management of Marine Fisheries Singh, Praveen Kumar 2012 Rs 722.50
Emerging Food Packaging Technologies: Principles and Practice Yam, Kit L & Dong Sun Lee eds 2015 Rs 3395.75
Emerging Technologies for Food Processing Sun, Da Wen eds 2018 Rs 5095.75
Fish Catching Methods of the World 4 edn Gabriel 2016 Rs 4245.75
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