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Title Author Year Price  
Advances in Food Diagnostics Nollet, Leo M L ed 2014 Rs 4245.75
Applications of Fluidization to Food Processing Smith, P G 2014 Rs 4245.75
Aquaculture Marketing Handbook Engle, Carole 2016 Rs 3820.75
Aquaculture Pond Fertilization: Impact of Nutrient Input on Production Mischke, Charles C 2017 Rs 3395.75
Bakery Food Manufacture and Quality: Water Control and Effects 2nd edn Cauvain, Stanley & Linda Yougn 2014 Rs 4245.75
Bioactive Compounds in Foods Gilbret, John & Hamide Z Senyuva 2014 Rs 4245.75
Bioeconomics of Fisheries Management Anderson, Lee G 2015 Rs 3820.75
Cash Flow Planning in Agriculture Libbin, James D et al 2016 Rs 2970.75
Clinical Examination of Farm Animals Jackson, Peter G G & Peter D Cockroft 2014 Rs 3820.75
Dairy Fats and Related Products Tamime, A Y ed 2016 Rs 3820.75
Dairy Ingredients for Food Processing Chandan, Ramesh C & Arun Kilara 2017 Rs 4245.75
Economics of Farm Management in a Global Setting Olson, Kent D 2015 Rs 4245.75
Fish Catching Methods of the World 4 edn Gabriel 2016 Rs 4245.75
Food Biodeterioration and Preservation Tucker, Gary S ed 2013 Rs 4245.75
Food Mixing Principles and Applications Cullen, P J et al eds 2014 Rs 4245.75
Food Processing: An Industrial Powerhouse in Transition 2nd edn Connor, John M & William A Schiek 2014 Rs 5095.75
Food Supply Chain Management Bourlakis, Michael A et al 2017 Rs 2970.75
Food Waste to Animal Feed Westendorf 2015 Rs 3820.75
Freshwater Prawn Culture: The Farming of Macrobrachium Rosenbergii New, Michael Bernard et al eds 2014 Rs 4245.75
Fruit and Vegetable Phytochemicals Rosa, Laura A de la et al eds 2016 Rs 4245.75
Handbook of Fruit and Vegetable Flavors Hui, Y H et al eds 2017 Rs 5945.75
Handbook of Meat Product Technology Ranken, M D 2014 Rs 3820.75
Handbook of Vegetables and Vegetable Processing Sinha, Nirmal K ed 2016 Rs 5095.75
High Pressure Processing of Foods Doona, Christopher J & F E Feeherry eds 2013 Rs 4245.75
Innovative Approaches to Plant Disease Control Chet, Ilan 2015 Rs 3820.75
Marketing Grain and Livestock 2nd edn Stasko 2016 Rs 3395.75
Mathematical and Statistical Methods in Food Science and Technology Granato, Daniel & Gaston Ares 2017 Rs 4245.75
Meat Inspection and Control in the Slaughterhouse Ninios, Thimjos et al 2017 Rs 5095.75
Meat Preservation: Preventing Losses and Assuring Safety Cassens 2015 Rs 2970.75
Mechanisation and Automation in Dairy Technology Tamime, A Y ed 2016 Rs 4245.75
Novel Aspects of Insect-Plant Interactions Barbosa, Pedro & Deborah K. Letourneau 2015 Rs 3820.75
Oils and Fats in the Food Industry Gunstone, Frank D 2018 Rs 2970.75
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