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Agriculture Heritage (PB) Murthy, V Radha Krishna & M Sree Rekha 2018 Rs 85.00
Agronomy in Brief for JRF SRF NET ARS and Other Competitive Exams (PB) Goud, B Raghavendra et al 2018 Rs 318.75
Air Pollution: Prevention and Contrlol Technologies 2nd ed Yerramilli, Anjaneyulu 2018 Rs 2120.75
Analytical Instrumentation (PB) Liptak, Bela G ed 2012 Rs 1355.75
Anatomy of Crude Drugs 12th edn Iyengar, M A & S C K Nayak 2014 Rs 68.00
ARM Microprocessor Systems: Cortex M Architecture Programming and Interfacing (PB) Tahir, Muhammad & Kashif Javed 2018 Rs 845.75
Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics 2nd edn (PB) Venkateswarlu, V 2010 Rs 403.75
Biostatistics and Computer Applications (PB) Rao, G N & N K Tiwari 2018 Rs 297.50
cGMP: Current Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceuticals 2nd ed (PB) Potdar, Manohar A 2018 Rs 675.75
Communication Systems (PB) Lathi, B P 2001 Rs 318.75
Compliance Auditing for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers: A Practical Guide to In Depth Systems Auditing Ginsbury, Karen & Gil Bismuth 2018 Rs 3395.75
Computational Simulation: Tools in Engineering (PB) Kumar, V Ramesh et al 2018 Rs 250.75
Computer Aided Power System Analysis with CD 2nd edn (PB) Kusic, George 2018 Rs 675.75
Cosmetics: A Practical Manual 3nd edn Saraf, Swarnlata & Shailendra Saraf 2009 Rs 250.75
Embedded System Design: Modeling Synthesis and Verification Gajski, Daniel D 0 Rs 272.00
Engineering for Storage of Fruits and Vegetables: Cold Storage Controlled Atmosphere Storage Modified Atmosphere Storage Rao, Chandra Gopala 2014 Rs 2762.50
Engineering Mechanics Statistics and Dynamics 3rd edn SI Units Reddy, K Vijaya Kumar & J Suresh Kumar 2018 Rs 505.75
Environmental Impact Assessment Methodologies 2nd edn (PB) Anjaneyulu, Y & Valli Manickam 2017 Rs 467.50
Environmental Impact Assessment: Theory and Practice (PB) Reddy, Anji 2017 Rs 505.75
Essentials of Electronic Testing: For Digital Memory and Mixed Signal VLSI Circuits (PB) Bushnell, Michael L & V D Agrawal 2015 Rs 1440.75
Experimental Approaches to Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokine tics Bandari, Suresh et al 2013 Rs 165.75
Fundamentals of Clinical Pharmacy Practice (PB) Kumar, D Sudheer et al 2010 Rs 446.25
Getting Started with Business Analytics: Insightful Decision Making (PB) Hardoon, David Roi et al 2014 Rs 675.75
Intellectual Property Rights in Pharmaceutical Industry: Theory and Practice: Appended with Validation Audits National Phase Entry and Prosecutions 2nd ed (PB) Rao, Bayya ubba & P V Appaji 2018 Rs 675.75
Introduction to Ocean Dynamics Pandharinath, Navale 2018 Rs 2120.75
Introduction to Quality by Design for Pharmaceuticals (PB) Desai, Nilesh & Manohar A Potdar 2017 Rs 191.25
Irrigation and Irrigation Projects in India: Tribunals Disputes and Water Wars Perspective (PB) Reddy, S Jeevananda 2018 Rs 165.75
Maintenance Engineering and Management: Precepts and Practices 2nd ed (PB) Kiran, D R 2017 Rs 297.50
Minor Forest Produce Used in Pharmaceutical and Other Industries Murthy, T Krishna 2010 Rs 1525.75
Minor Forest Products of India: Non Timber Forest Products 2nd edn Murthy, T Krishna 2010 Rs 2120.75
Modern Dispensing Pharmacy (PB) Jain, N K & G D Gupta 2014 Rs 335.75
Municipal Solid Waste Management: Processing Energy Recovery Global Examples Reddy, P Jayarama 2011 Rs 1950.75
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