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Title Author Year Price  
Aircraft Structures Narasaiah, G Lakshmi 2010 Rs 1950.75
Analytical Instrumentation Liptak, Bela G ed 2012 Rs 1355.75
Biostatistics and Computer Applications Rao, G N & N K Tiwari 2008 Rs 297.50
Communication Systems Lathi, B P 2001 Rs 276.25
Developmental Biology of Flowering Plants Raghavan, V 2008 Rs 1695.75
Engineering Mechanics Statistics and Dynamics 3rd edn SI Units Reddy, K Vijaya Kumar & J Suresh Kumar 2012 Rs 420.75
Fundamentals of Clinical Trials 4th edn (PB) Friedman, Lawrence M et al 2010 Rs 1695.75
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing: Applications and Techniques for Use in Design Manufacturing and Inspection (PB) Meadows, James D 2017 Rs 1440.75
Greenhouse Technology and Management 2nd edn Manohar, K Radha & C Igathinathane 2007 Rs 637.50
Introduction to Computer Networks and Cybersecurity (PB) Wu, Chwan Hwa & J David Irwin 2014 Rs 1270.75
Introduction to Environmental Science (PB) Anjaneyulu, Y 2017 Rs 467.50
Introduction to Quality by Design for Pharmaceuticals (PB) Desai, Nilesh & Manohar A Potdar 2017 Rs 191.25
Mechanics of Composite Materials 2nd edn Jones, Robert M 2017 Rs 930.75
Modern Dispensing Pharmacy (PB) Jain, N K & G D Gupta 2014 Rs 318.75
Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic (PB) Bhaskar, C Naga & G Vijay Kumar 2011 Rs 297.50
NSAIDs Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs: An Overview (PB) Saraf, Swarnlata 2009 Rs 148.75
Pharmaceutical Industrial Management 2nd edn (PB) Sagar, G Vidya 2005 Rs 467.50
Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology 2nd edn Jain, U K et al 2012 Rs 335.75
Pharmaceutical Statistics 2nd edn (PB) Murthy, T E Gopala Krishna et al 2014 Rs 467.50
Practical Drug Safety from A to Z (PB) Cobert Barton & Pierre Biron 2017 Rs 845.75
Renewable Energy Resources 3rd edn Twidell, John & Tony Weir 2008 Rs 1440.75
Rhododendrons in India: Flora and Foliar Splendour of the Himalayan Flora Sastry, A R K & P K Hajra 2010 Rs 1355.75
Rocket Propulsion Elements 7th edn (PB) Sutton, George P & Oscar Biblarz 2016 Rs 1525.75
Satellite Communication Systems: Design Principles 2nd ed (PB) Richharia, M 2012 Rs 552.50
Study of Crude Drugs Re-revised & Enlarged 15th ed (PB) Iyengar, M A 2016 Rs 127.50
Testing of Metallic Materials 2nd edn Suryanarayana, A V K 2007 Rs 276.25
Textbook of Engineering Drawing with AutoCad 4th edn Reddy, K Venkata 2014 Rs 335.75
Textbook of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems 4th edn (PB) Reddy, M Anji 2017 Rs 505.75
Trends in Modern Banking (PB) Rao, S S Prasada & R Radhika 2016 Rs 590.75
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