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Advanced Medicinal Chemistry: A Laboratory Guide (PB) Prasad, M Raghu 2012 Rs 255.00
Advanced Pharmacology (PB) Medhi, Bikash & Ajay Prakash 2016 Rs 675.75
Anatomy of Crude Drugs 12th edn Iyengar, M A & S C K Nayak 2014 Rs 68.00
Aviation Meteorology Pandharinath, Navale 2012 Rs 760.75
Basic Principles of Agricultural Meteorology Murthy, V Radha Krishna 2002 Rs 573.75
Bioadhesion: Approaches to Drug Delivery Mishra, Dinesh K & Amrish Kumar 2016 Rs 1355.75
Bioinformatics: A Practical Manual Kasturi, K & K Sri Lakshmi 2010 Rs 76.50
Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacokinetics 4th edn Gibaldi, Milo 2005 Rs 403.75
Biostatistics and Computer Applications Rao, G N & N K Tiwari 2008 Rs 297.50
Biosynthesis of Natural Products Monitto, Paolo 2010 Rs 845.75
Biosynthetic Pathways in Higher Plants Pridham, J B & T Swain 2012 Rs 1270.75
cGMP: Current Good Manufacturing Practices for Pharmaceuticals Potdar, Manohar A 2008 Rs 637.50
Clinical Pharmacy with Therapeutics 4th edn Herfindal, Eric T et al eds 2011 Rs 2545.75
Community Pharmacy: Basic Principles and Concepts (PB) Dua, Kamal et al 2012 Rs 148.75
Computer Fundamentals with Pharmacy Applications 2nd edn Tiwari, N K 2010 Rs 212.50
Cosmetics: A Practical Manual 3nd edn Saraf, Swarnlata & Shailendra Saraf 2009 Rs 233.75
Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers: Principles and Applications 2nd edn Wilmshurst, Tim 2010 Rs 590.75
Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces (PB) Banchoff, Thomas & Stephen Lovett 2014 Rs 469.20
Differential Geometry of Manifolds Lovett, Stephen 2014 Rs 595.85
Elementary Bioinformatics Khan, Imtiyaz Alam 0 Rs 191.25
Energy Management Murphy, W R & G McKay 2015 Rs 637.50
Environmental Impact Assessment Methodologies 2nd edn Anjaneyulu, Y & Valli Manickam 2007 Rs 467.50
Essentials of Cloud Computing (PB) Chandrasekaran, K 2016 Rs 590.75
Essentials of Experimental Pharmacology: General Concepts (PB) Bothara, Sunil B 2010 Rs 212.50
Essentials of Food Process Engineering Rao, Chandra Gopala 2006 Rs 467.50
Essentials of Pharmaceutical Engineering: Unit Operations (PB) Derle, Deeliprao & Mrudula Bele 2010 Rs 276.25
Essentials of Pharmaceutical Technology Semalty, Ajay et al 2011 Rs 212.50
Ethics in Governance: Resolution of Dilemmas with Case Studies 2nd edn Kamba, Mohan 2014 Rs 335.75
Fuels Furnaces Refractories and Pyrometry 2nd edn Suryanarayana, A V K 2005 Rs 191.25
Fundamentals of Clinical Pharmacy Practice Kumar, D Sudheer et al 2010 Rs 420.75
Fundamentals of Clinical Trials 4th edn (PB) Friedman, Lawrence M et al 2010 Rs 1525.75
Getting Started with Business Analytics: Insightful Decision Making (PB) Hardoon, David Roi et al 2014 Rs 590.75
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