Title Author Year Price  
Alpine Plants of Western Himalaya: A Palynotaxonomical Study Sharma, C M 1994 Rs 637.50
Apple Farming and Livelihood in the Himalayas: Trends Concers and Prospects Jindal, K K et al eds 2003 Rs 2125.00
Beautiful Flowers of Kashmir in 2 Vols Blatter, E & HJ Wall 1984 Rs 637.50
Biodiversity Characterisation at Landscape Level in Jammu & Kashmir Using Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS Department of Biotechnology 2011 Rs 1270.75
Bioresources of the Eastern Ghats: Their Conservation & Management Krishnamurthy K, Murugan R et al 2014 Rs 2975.00
Climate Change: Combating through Science and Technology Kinhal, G A et al 2016 Rs 1785.00
Energy Resources: Development Harvesting and Management Nautiyal, Om Prakash et al 2016 Rs 2507.50
Flora Arabica: Records of the Botanical Survey of India Vol8 Blatter, E 1978 Rs 1275.00
Flora of Chamba District Himachal Pradesh Singh, Harinder & M Sharma 2006 Rs 2507.50
Flora of Great Himalayan National Park: Himachal Pradesh Singh, S K & G S Rawat 2000 Rs 1232.50
Flora of Kullu District Himachal Pradesh Dhaliwar, Daya Singh & M Sharma 1999 Rs 2125.00
Flora of Lahaul Spiti: A Cold of Desert in North West Himalaya Aswal, B S & B N Mahrotra 1994 Rs 1487.50
Flora of Pulwama Navchoo, I A & P Kachroo 1995 Rs 552.50
Flora of Sirmaur Himachal Pradesh Kaur, Harsimerjit & M Sharma 2004 Rs 2125.00
Flora Simlensis Collett, H 1980 Rs 1062.50
Flowering Plants: Origin and Dispersal Takhtajan, A 1981 Rs 2125.00
Genus Carex L (Cyperaceae) in the Kashmir Himalaya India: A Taxonomic Appraisal Haq, Ehtisham Ul  et al 2016 Rs 2082.50
Genus Paphiopedilum 2nd ed Braem, Guido J et al 2016 Rs 5525.00
Glimpses of Forestry Research in the Indian Himalayan Region : Special Issue in the International Year of Forests 2011 Negi, G C S & P P Dyani eds 2013 Rs 1270.75
Himalayan Edible Medicinal Plants: Science and Traditional Wisdom Sharma, B D 2015 Rs 4037.50
Horticulture in Himalayas: Principles and Practices Wanchoo, Pran Nath 2000 Rs 2125.00
Indian Bumblebees Saini, Malkiat et al 2015 Rs 4037.50
Indian Freshwater Microalgae Anand, N 1998 Rs 212.50
Jungle Call Das, Sanjoy 2016 Rs 420.75
Lady`s Slipper Orchids of India Chowdhery, H J 2016 Rs 2762.50
Manual of Freshwater Algae: From Temple Tanks of Kerala Arulmurugan, P et al 2016 Rs 1062.50
Mistletoes of Western Himalayas: Biology Damage and Control Pundir, Y P S 2009 Rs 2082.50
Orchids of Himachal Pradesh Verma, Jagdeep & C S Kumar 2013 Rs 2762.50
Orchids of Odisha: A Handbook Misra, Sarat 2014 Rs 2762.50
Orchids of Orissa Misra, Sarat 2004 Rs 2975.00
Pharmacographia Indica in 3 Vols Dymock, William et al 1997 Rs 2975.00
Plant and Soil Nematodes of India: A Checklist Sharma, Vinita & Qaiser H Baqri 2015 Rs 2082.50
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