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Title Author Year Price  
Dairy Plant Management Tracy, P H 2010 Rs 1020.00
Elements of Agricultural Economics Forster, G W & Marc C Leager 2013 Rs 1700.00
Food Preservation Cruess, William V 2013 Rs 841.50
Honey Bees and their Management Withhead, S B 2010 Rs 505.75
Introduction to Statistical Science in Agriculture Finney, D J 2010 Rs 420.75
Irrigation: Principles and Practices 2nd edn Israelsen, O W 2010 Rs 1020.00
Laboratory Manual of Fruit and Vegetable Products Cruess, W V & A W Christie 2013 Rs 420.75
Principles and Methods of Animal Breeding Kelley, R B 2010 Rs 841.50
Principles of Agricultural Chemistry Fraps, C S 2013 Rs 1530.00
Testing Milk and its Products Farrington, E H & F W Woll 2010 Rs 675.75
Vegetable Growing 2nd edn Shoemaker, James Sheldon 2010 Rs 1275.00
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