Title Author Year Price  
Advances in Fermented Food and Beverages Spano, G & Russo, P et al 2017 P 102.00
Analytical Methods for Food Additives Huck, Christian W et al 2016 P 102.00
Basic Food Chemistry Cruz, Renato Souza et al 2017 P 102.00
Chemometrics in Food Chemistry Guidetti, Riccardo & Roberto Beghi 2017 P 102.00
Encyclopaedia of Food: The Chemistry of its Components in 3 Vols Cruz, Renato Souza et al 2017 P 306.00
Encyclopaedia of the Chemistry of Food Additives and Preservatives in 3 Vols Hintz, Tana et al 2017 P 306.00
Fermented Foods: Biochemistry and Biotechnology Chilton, Stephanie N et al 2017 P 102.00
Food Biopreservation: Analytical Techniques Ghanbari, Mahdi & Jami, Mansooreh et al 2017 P 102.00
Principles of Food Chemistry Baroni, Suzymeire & Soares, Izabel Aparecida et al 2017 P 102.00
Sustainable Fisheries Management Ratz, Hans Joachim et al 2017 P 102.00
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