Title Author Year Price  
Automatic Control for Food Processing Systems Moreira, Rosana G 2001 EUR 169.99
Confectionary Packaging Equipment Hooper, J H 1999 EUR 131.71
Deep Fat Frying: Fundamentals and Applications Moreira, Rosana G 2000 EUR 169.99
Dimensions of the Meal: The Science Culture Business and Art of Eating Meiselman, Herbert L 2000 EUR 157.24
Food Industry and the Environment in the European Union: Practical Issues and Cost Implications 2nd edn Dalzell, Janet M 2000 EUR 186.15
Handbook of Olive Oil: Analysis and Properties Harwood, John & Ramon Aparicio eds 2000 EUR 157.21
Source Book of Flavors 2nd edn Reineccius, Gary 1999 EUR 186.15
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