Title Author Year Price  
Agricultural Pests of India and of Eastern and Southern Asia Balfour 2005 Rs 212.50
Ayurvedic Flora Medica with Equivalents in Sanskrit and Regional Languages Medicinal Properties and Notes Identification Mooss, V N S 2011 Rs 1062.50
Ayurvedic Useful Plants of India with their Medicinal Properties and Uses in Medicine and Art Drury, C H 2006 Rs 1275.00
Breeding Crop Plants Hayes, H K & R J Garber 2007 Rs 1275.00
Breeding Farm Animals Marshall, F R 2006 Rs 637.50
British Pharmacopoeia: Comparing the Strenght of its Various Preparations in 4 Vols Squire, Peter Wyatt 2010 Rs 14025.00
Call of the Hen or the Science of the Selection and Breeding of Poultry Hogan, Water 2006 Rs 467.50
Catalogue of Synonymes of the Indian Medicinal Plants Products and Organic Substances in 2 Vols Waring, Edward John & M Sheriff 2008 Rs 3272.50
Classification of Animals from the Point View of Economic Zoology: A Treatise on Zoology Lankester, E Ray ed 1991 Rs 297.50
Common Rat Snake of India: Their Functional Morphology and Bionomics Including Deadly Venomous Snakes of India Dutta, Shiv 2005 Rs 1615.00
Common Sense Beekeeping Hooper, M M 2008 Rs 297.50
Crop Production in India: A Critical Survey of its Problems Howard, Albert 2006 Rs 467.50
Cultivation of Citrus Fruits Bailey, L H 2015 Rs 2975.00
Culture of Vegetable Growing Shoemaker, James S & Thomas Smith 2006 Rs 1275.00
Culture of Vegetables and Flowers from Seeds and Roots Sutton & Sons 2014 Rs 1402.50
Dairy Science: Its Principles and Practice in Production Management and Processing in 2 Vols Petersen, W E 2006 Rs 2125.00
Date Palm and its Cultivation in the Punjab Milne, D 0 Rs 1572.50
Dictionary of Botanical Names and Terms with their English Equivalents Jackson, Benjamin Daydon 2004 Rs 297.50
Economic Zoology for Useful Animals Esdaile, Philippa C 1999 Rs 425.00
Economic Zoology: The Structure Habits and Economy of Animals A Zoological Research Blackwall, John 1998 Rs 595.00
Encyclopaedia of Study of Zoology in 3 Vols Boell, E J & T I Storer 2007 Rs 4675.00
Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Horticulture Sanders, T W 2006 Rs 1275.00
Essentials of Agricultural Entomology: General and Applied with Their Recognition Biology Control Taxonomy Morphology and Physiology Reinhard, H J et al 2016 Rs 3272.50
Essentials of Fish Helminthology Ranibala, Thoudam et al 2015 Rs 1062.50
Evolution and Classification of Soils Ramann, E & C L Whittles 2006 Rs 446.25
Farm Forestry Practices for Students of Vocational Agriculture Anderson, J T 2008 Rs 297.50
Food Nutrition and Human Body Hutchinson, W 0 Rs 722.50
Forests of India and the Neighbouring Countries in 4 Vols Stebbing, E P et al 2008 Rs 8925.00
Freshwater Guide to the Aquarim Wills, L I 1996 Rs 212.50
Fruit Crops of the World: Principles and Practice of Orchard and Small Fruits Talbert, T J & A E Murneek 2012 Rs 2125.00
Fruit Growing: Modern Cultural Methods Bagenal, N B 2007 Rs 2125.00
Fundamentals of Economic Entomology Lefroy, H M 2008 Rs 1275.00
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