Title Author Year Price  
Advances in Bioprocess in Food Industries Vol 4 Soccol, Carlos Ricarde et al eds 2011 Rs 1232.50
Advances in Fermentation Technology Pandey, Ashok et al eds 2008 Rs 1785.00
Bioprocessing of Foods Panesar, P S et al eds 2011 Rs 1270.75
Biotechnological Strategies in Agro Processing Marwaha, S S & Jatinder Kaur Arora eds 2003 Rs 828.75
Biotechnology: Food Fermentation Microbiology Biochemistry and Technology in 2 Vols Joshi, V K & Ashok Pandey eds 2009 Rs 1275.00
Comprehensive Food Fermentation Biotechnology in 2 Vols Pandey, Ashok et al eds 2010 Rs 5095.75
Current Development in Soild State Fermentation Pandey, Ashok et al 2007 Rs 1232.50
Dictionary of Angiosperm Families and their Genera Sambamurty, A V S S ed 2001 Rs 760.75
Disaster Management: Engineering and Environmental Aspects (PB) Sarvothaman, H & K J A Kumar 2015 Rs 459.00
Enzyme Technology Pandey, Ashok et al eds 2005 Rs 2125.00
Food Processing: Biotechnological Applications Marwaha, S S & J K Arora eds 2015 Rs 1270.75
Food Science and Food Biotechnology in Developing Countries Aguilar, Cristobal Noe et al 2008 Rs 1232.50
Pest Management in Horticulture Crops: Principles and Practice Verma, L R et al eds 2004 Rs 935.00
Solutions to Environmental Challenges through Innovations in Research Shu, Li et al eds 2013 Rs 1785.00
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