Title Author Year Price  
Biostatistics: A Bayesian Introduction Woodworth, George G 2013 Rs 2545.75
Chemical Physics of Food Belton, Peter 0 Rs 3395.75
Environmental Science: Physical Principles and Applications Boekar, Egbert & Rienk van Grondelle 2013 Rs 2120.75
Fermentation Microbiology and Biotechnology 3rd edn Mansi, E M T El et al eds 2012 Rs 845.75
Introduction to Practical Animal Breeding 4th edn Willis, Malcolm B 2005 Rs 505.75
Invertebrates: A Synthesis 3rd edn Barnes, R S K 2013 Rs 2970.75
Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms of India in 2 Vols Sarma, Jatindra 2018 Rs 8495.75
Nondestructive Testing of Food Quality Irudayaraj, Joseph & Christoph Reh eds 2013 Rs 3395.75
Physical Pharmacy and Instrumental Methods of Analysis Akhter, Mymoona & M Mumtaz Alam 2018 Rs 845.75
Plant Biotechnology Transfer to Developing Countries Altman, David W & Kazuo N Watanabe 2005 Rs 1270.75
Textbook of Fishery Gupta, Surekha 2010 Rs 552.50
Urbanization in India: Issues and Challenges Sharma, Arun Kumar & B D Misra 2018 Rs 1695.75
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