Title Author Year Price  
Advanced Sales Management Handbook and Cases: Analytical Applied and Relevant (PB) Orr, Linda M 2012 P 16.99
Basics of Supply Chain Management Bandyopadhyay, Jayanta Kumar 2016 P 49.29
Batch Distillation: Simulation Optimal Design and Control 2nd ed Diwekar, Urmila 2016 Rs 4245.75
Biorenewable Resources: Engineering New Products from Agriculture (PB) Brown, Robert C 2004 Rs 420.75
Biostatistics: A Bayesian Introduction Woodworth, George G 2013 Rs 2545.75
Ceramic Processing and Sintering 2nd ed Rahaman, M N 2016 Rs 5095.75
Chemical Physics of Food Belton, Peter 0 Rs 3395.75
Child Hunger and Human Rights: International Governance Apodaca, ¬†Clair 2014 P 21.24
Commercial Due Diligence: The Key to Understanding Value in An Acquistition Howson, Peter 2015 Rs 3395.75
Complex Adaptive Leadership: Embracing Paradox and Uncertainty Obolensky, Nick 2015 Rs 2545.75
Corporate Governance: How to Add Value Steger, Ulrich & Wolfgang Amann 2014 Rs 2545.75
Corporate Risk and Governance: An End to Mismanagment Tunnel Vision and Quackery Waring, Alan 2016 Rs 2545.75
Crime and Corruption in Organisations: Why It occurs and What To Do About It Burke, Ronald J et al 2016 Rs 3395.75
Crisis Management Planning and Execution Devlin, Edward S 2015 Rs 2970.75
Cultural Psychology: A Perspective on Psychological Functioning and Social Reform Ratner, Carl 2014 Rs 4245.75
Customer Loyalty Programmes and Clubs Butscher, Stephan A 2015 Rs 2545.75
Customer Relationship Management: A Global Perspective Raab, Gerhard et al 2014 Rs 2545.75
Design and Modeling for Computer Experiments Fang, Kai Tai et al 2016 Rs 2545.75
Disability Management and Workplace Integration Geisen, Thomas & Henry Harder 2015 Rs 2545.75
Diversity in the Workplace: Multidisciplinary and International Perspectives Groschl, Stefan 2015 Rs 2545.75
Economics of Financial Inclusion Banerjee, Gangadhar & Srijeet Banerji 2016 Rs 1695.75
Economics of Sustainable Agriculture and Alternate Production Systems Banerjee, Gangadhar & Srijeet Banerji 2017 Rs 1015.75
Effective Document and Data Management: Unlocking Corporate Content 3rd ed Wiggins, Bob 2016 Rs 2970.75
Engineering Economics and Economic Design for Process Engineers Brown, Thane 2016 Rs 3395.75
Environmental and Economic Sustainability Hardisty, Paul, E 2015 Rs 3395.75
Environmental Contamination: Health Risks and Ecological Restoration Wong, Ming H 2015 Rs 4245.75
Environmental Science and Technology: ¬†Sustainable Approach to Green Science and Technology 2nd ed Manahan, Stanley E 2011 Rs 2545.75
Environmental Science: Physical Principles and Applications Boekar, Egbert & Rienk van Grondelle 2013 Rs 2120.75
Ethics and Project Management PMP, Ralph L Kliem 2012 P 16.99
Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs: The Economic and Social Impact of a Global Phenomenon Halkias, Daphne et al 2016 Rs 2970.75
Fermentation Microbiology and Biotechnology 3rd edn Mansi, E M T El et al eds 2012 Rs 845.75
Geopolitics of South Asia: From Early Empires to the Nuclear Age 3rd ed Chapman, Graham P 2015 Rs 2970.75
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