Title Author Year Price  
Abridgement of Extension Education Rajeshwar, Jakkawad Sunildutt et al 2016 Rs 760.75
Advancements in Insect Biodiversity Gupta, Rajiv K ed 2004 Rs 1530.00
Advancements in Invertebrate Taxonomy and Biodiversity Gupta, Rajiv K 2011 Rs 2125.00
Advances in Applied Biotechnology Parihar, Pradeep & Leena Parihar eds 2010 Rs 1700.00
Advances in Seed Science and Technology Vol 3: Forest Tree Seed Technology and Management Vanangamudi, K et al 2006 Rs 2125.00
Agribusiness and Intellectual Property Rights Gaur, S C 0 Rs 841.50
Agribusiness: Management Information System Gaur, S C 2014 Rs 1530.00
Agribusiness: Market and Marketing Gaur, S C 2014 Rs 841.50
Agricultural Extension and Farm Journalism Singh, A K 2014 Rs 841.50
Agricultural Marketing: Trade and Pricing Gaur, Suresh Chandra 2017 Rs 1020.00
Agriculture Extension and Mass Communication Singh, A K 2014 Rs 841.50
Agrometeorology and Remote Sensing: Principles and Practices Sahu, D D 2017 Rs 841.50
Agronomy Panda, S C 2005 Rs 2125.00
Animal Biotechnology 3rd Revised and Enlarged edn Ranga, M M 2007 Rs 1700.00
Artificial Insemination of Farm Animals Perry, Enos J ed et al 2013 Rs 1020.00
Beekeeping Phillips, E F 2003 Rs 841.50
Bharat ki Kand Mool Faslein Maurya, K R 2008 Rs 420.75
Biodiversity Conservation in Managed Forests and Protected Areas Kotwal, P C & Suijoy Banerjee 2002 Rs 505.75
Biodiversity: Principles and Conservation 2nd edn Kumar, U & Mahendra Jeet Asija 2004 Rs 505.75
Biofuel Crops: Cultivation and Management Jatropha Sweet Sorghum and Sugarbeet Vairavan, K et al 2007 Rs 335.75
Bioinformatics 2nd edn Ranga, M M 2006 Rs 675.75
Biotechnology: Fundamentals and Applications 4th edn Purohit, S S 2005 Rs 1530.00
Bonsai: A Art of Miniature Plant Culture Dey, S C 2006 Rs 467.50
Bonsai: An Art of Minature Plant Culture Dey, S C 0 Rs 191.25
Cashew: Production and Processing Technology Mandal, R C 2007 Rs 841.50
Cell Biology: Fundamentals and Applications Gupta, M L & M L Jangir 2002 Rs 1530.00
Colour Atlas of Medicinal Plants Prajapati, Narayan Das & S S Purohit 2003 Rs 1355.75
Commercial Floriculture 2nd Revised and Enlarged edn Prasad, S et al 2010 Rs 1020.00
Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Products Cruess, W V 2004 Rs 1530.00
Complete Home Gardening Dey, S C 2010 Rs 505.75
Complete Home Gardening Dey, S C 0 Rs 191.25
Crop Production Stress Environmnets: Genetic and Management Options Singh, D P et al 2007 Rs 2545.75
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