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Agricultural Engineering Davidson, J Brownlee 2017 Rs 2205.75
Agricultural Extension: As Related to Business Interests Agricultural Extension Committee 2017 Rs 675.75
Agricultural Magazines: Effectiveness Circulation and Reader Satisfaction Level Manjunath, L et al 2015 Rs 420.75
Agricultural Scientists: Scientific Productivity and Job Perspective Manjunath, L et al 2015 Rs 505.75
Breeding Crop Plants Hayes, H K & R J Garber 2017 Rs 1695.75
Entrepreneurship Development for Sustainability Manjunath, L et al 2017 Rs 1015.75
Essentials of Agriculture Waters, Henry Jackson 2017 Rs 2120.75
Essentials of Disease in Wild Animals Wobeser, Gary A 2014 Rs 2970.75
Farm Mechanization Management Culpin, Claude 2015 Rs 1355.75
Genetics Herskowitz, Irwin H 2017 Rs 2800.75
Human Resource Management: Perception Performance Satisfaction Fazely, Abdul Sattar et al 2017 Rs 1270.75
ICT for Agriculture and Rural Development Manjunath, L et al 2015 Rs 505.75
ICT Initiatives in Agriculture Problems and Prospects Manjunath, L et al 2017 Rs 2205.75
Information Communication Technology for Agriculture Development Manjunath, L et al 2015 Rs 590.75
Information Communication Technology for Rural Development Manjunath, L et al 2015 Rs 590.75
Innovative Behaviour and Diffusion of Technology Basanayak, Rajashekahar T et at 2017 Rs 467.50
Knowledge and Perception of Farmers Towards Climate Change Preethi et al 2017 Rs 420.75
Krishi Community Radio Programmes and Farm Women Manjunath, L et al 2017 Rs 446.25
Objective Horticulture for all Competitive Examinations (UPSC, ASRB, ICAR NET, SET, SAUs, IARI, HO, SRF, JRF, IBPS & Agricultural Coordinatior) Kumar, Bharat & Kumar, Vikas et al 2017 Rs 335.75
Plant Physiology Meyer, Bernard S, Anderson, Donald B 2017 Rs 3395.75
Practical Manual of Water Analysis: For UG and PG Students and Researches of Environmental Sciences Singh, Priyanka 2017 Rs 1270.75
Rural Women and Yashaswini Health Scheme Hampannavar, Pavithra C et al 2017 Rs 505.75
Sorghum: An Emerging Cash Crop Rao, Dayakar, B et al 2014 Rs 675.75
Textbook on Diseases of Goat Ramesh, P T 2017 Rs 420.75
Veterinary Hygiene Linton, R G 2017 Rs 2205.75
Veterinary Toxicology Lander, G D 2017 Rs 1270.75
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