Title Author Year Price  
Abjection and Abandonment: Melancholy in Philosphy and Art Das, Saitya Brata 2018 Rs 467.50
Age of Monopoly Capital (PB) Baran, Nicholas & J B Foster 2018 Rs 675.75
Bandung Legacy and Global Future: New Insights and Emerging Forces Khudori, Darwis 2018 Rs 1015.75
Caste and Social Stratiication Among Muslims in India Ahmad, Imtiaz 2018 Rs 845.75
Condition of the Workersin Asia: Studies in India China and Other Asian Countries (PB) Update Study Group 2018 Rs 335.75
Democracy and Democratic Institutions in Social Transformation: 21st Century Perspective Jha, Krishna 2018 Rs 297.50
Displacement Impoverishment and Exclusion: Political Economy of Development in India Mishra, Sujit Kumar & R Siva Prasad 2018 Rs 1270.75
Exodus of Being: Reflections on a Shipwrecked Life Das, Saitya Brata & isha Yadav 2018 Rs 361.25
Federal Nepal: Trials and Tribulations Jha, Dipendra 2018 Rs 675.75
Food Security in India: Myth and Reality Bajpai, Vikas & Anoop Saraya 2018 Rs 1100.75
Global Imperialism and the Great Crisis: The Uncertain Future of Capitalism (PB) Screpanti, Ernesto 2018 Rs 420.75
Higher Education in Indian and China: Select Perspectives Chakrabarti, Sreemati 2018 Rs 505.75
Historical Materialism (PB) Afanasyev, V G 2018 Rs 335.75
Hope and Transformation: Selections from Frontier Basu, Timir & Anirban Biswas 2018 Rs 446.25
In the Name of Marx (PB) Jal, Murzban 2018 Rs 212.50
India After Naxalbari: Unfinished History D`Mello, Bernard 2018 Rs 845.75
Indian Higher Education: A Perspective from the Margin Kale, Raosaheb K 2018 Rs 760.75
Lenin on the Agrarian Question (PB) Rochester, Anna 2018 Rs 420.75
Look East Policy and Northeast India Chakraborty, Gorky & Asok Kumar Ray 2014 Rs 807.50
Marx for Today (PB) Musto, Marcello 2018 Rs 420.75
Narrating Nations Performing Politics: A Conversation with Vasudha Dalmia (PB) Pathak, Dev Nath 2017 Rs 106.25
Our Money Our Lives: Microcredit and Women`s Empowerment in Cross Cultural Perspective Mohanty, Bidyut & Victor Faessel 2018 Rs 675.75
Philosophy Language and the Political: Poststructuralism in Perspective Manjali, Franson & Marc Crepon 2018 Rs 1100.75
Piecing Together the Past: The Interpretation of Archaeological Data (PB) Childe, V Gordon 2018 Rs 297.50
Politics: Essays in Tribute to Randhir Singh Rai, Dhananjay 2018 Rs 845.75
Post Truth Media`s Survival Sutra: A Footsoldiers Version Raman, P 2018 Rs 425.00
Pratham International ki Kahani (PB) Hindi Musto, Marcello 2018 Rs 212.50
Rashtra par Punarvichar: Dakshin Bharat ke Pariprekshya (Hindi) Pandiyan, M S S 2018 Rs 335.75
Reader in Marxist Philosophy: From the Writings of Marx Engels and Lenin (PB) Selsam, Howard & Harry Martel 2018 Rs 505.75
Reconstructing Lenin: An Intellectual Biography (PB) Krausz, Tamas 2015 Rs 590.75
Redder Shade of Green: Intersections of Science and Socialism (PB) Angus, Ian 2018 Rs 297.50
Socialism in the 21st Century (PB) Rajimwale, Anil & M V Kumar 2018 Rs 297.50
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