Title Author Year Price  
Absorption and Drug Development: Solubility Permeability and Charge State 2nd ed Avdeef, Alex 2018 Rs 5095.75
Biological Drug Products: Development and Strategies Wang, Wei & Manmohan Singh 2018 Rs 5095.75
Computer Applications in Pharmaceutical Research and Development (PB) Ekins, Sean 2017 Rs 1270.75
Development of Vaccines: From Discovery to Clinical Testing Singh, Manmohan & I K Srivastava 2018 Rs 4245.75
Establishing a CGMP :aboratory Audit System: A Practical Guide Bliesner, David M 2018 Rs 3395.75
Health Economics and Financing 5th ed Getzen, Thomas E 2018 Rs 3820.75
Implementing Juran`s Road Map for Quality Leadership Endres, Al 2018 Rs 2545.75
Wastewater and Biosolids Treatment Technologies: The Comprehensive Reference for Plant Managers Cheremisionoff, Nicholas P 2003 $ 120.70
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