Title Author Year Price  
Accounting Information Systems Singh, S P N 2018 Rs 1440.75
Accounting Policies and Procedures Singh, S P N 2018 Rs 1440.75
Applied Principles of Knowledge Management Singh, Ramesh 2018 Rs 1440.75
Aquatic Pollution and Toxicology Trivedy, R K 2017 Rs 1062.50
Bureaucracy and Public Administration Trikha, Rajeshwar 2018 Rs 1185.75
Career in Tourism Sahgal, Anand 2018 Rs 1270.75
Chemistry Practicals Rastogi, K N 2018 Rs 845.75
Contemporary African American Drama: From Cultural Nationalism to the Poetics of Resistance Dakorwala, N K 2017 Rs 845.75
Current Trends in Hospitality and Tourism Tiwari, Surya Bhushan 2014 Rs 845.75
Developmental Psychology and Human Development Namdeo, Barve Bapurao 2015 Rs 1695.75
Dynamics of Modern Tourism Sahgal, Anand 2018 Rs 1232.50
Effective Communication Skills in English Doraiswamy, R 2017 Rs 807.50
Effective Methods of Teaching Mehrotra, K 2017 Rs 1015.75
Effective Methods of Teaching Social Studies Paul, S 2017 Rs 1062.50
Essentials of Managerial Accounting Singh, S P N 2018 Rs 1402.50
Farewell to Ambedkar Jatava, D R 2017 Rs 807.50
Financial Accounting Tools For Business Decision Making Singh, S P N 2018 Rs 1402.50
Focus on Human Rights Rathod, P B 2017 Rs 1015.75
Functional Skills in Language and Literature saxena, Neelam 2018 Rs 1147.50
Fundamentals of Political Sociology Rathod, P B 2017 Rs 845.75
GATT: Critical Analysis of General Agreement on Tariffs andTrade Kulshreshtha, Ajay et al 2017 Rs 786.25
Globalization and Macroeconomics Singh, C K 2018 Rs 1440.75
Handbook of Counselling Tajne, Madhukar K 2017 Rs 1440.75
Handbook of Geography Sharma, Satyapal 2018 Rs 1253.75
Handbook of Political Science Rathod, P B 2017 Rs 1100.75
Health Care and Mental Hygiene of a Child Gupta, Nira 2017 Rs 1062.50
History of Media and Mass Communication Sharma, Satish 2018 Rs 1253.75
History of Medieval India Mehta, Arun 2018 Rs 1147.50
History of Modern India Mehta, Arun 2018 Rs 1185.75
Human Geography Goswami, Sudha 2018 Rs 1232.50
Indian Government and Politics Palekar, S A 2017 Rs 1100.75
Industry Environment and Pollution Kumar, Arvind & P K Goel 2000 Rs 1020.00
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