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Dr B R Ambedkar`s Thoughts on Dalit and Casteism Jaganath, Sindhe R 2019 Rs 3000.00
Dr B R Ambedkar`s Thoughts on Economics Jaganath, Sindhe R 2019 Rs 3000.00
Dr B R Ambedkar`s Thoughts on Women Jaganath, Sindhe R 2019 Rs 3000.00
Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar: A Visionary of India in 3 Vols Das, P C 2019 Rs 3000.00
Drugs Discovery to Approval Pandey, Dinesh 2019 Rs 2295.00
Dynamics of Economics Theory Singh, Sanjay 2019 Rs 1895.00
Dynamics of Pond Aquaculture Deeba, Farah 2019 Rs 1995.00
E Commerce and Trademark Management in 2 Vols Jetli, Neelu K 2019 Rs 3500.00
E Commerce Taxation: Prospects and Challenges Verma, Nina 2019 Rs 1200.00
E Governanace Hothi, B S 2019 Rs 1200.00
Early Childhood Care and Education Panda, Pratap Kumar 2019 Rs 1195.00
Earth and Atmospheric Disasters Management: Natural and Man Made 2nd ed (PB) Pandharinath, Navale 2019 Rs 495.00
Earth Materials Singh, A K 2019 Rs 1995.00
Earthquake Design Practice for Buildings Shah, Ramesh 2019 Rs 2295.00
Ecology and Geospatial Science Anderson, Simon 2019 Rs 2195.00
Ecology Environment and Society Singh, Ajit & Zakiya Yusuf 2019 Rs 1200.00
Economic Development and Growth Verma, Kiran 2019 Rs 1650.00
Economic Environment: Global Recession Impact on Growth and Future Challenges Ahmad, Rais et al 2019 Rs 1450.00
Economic Principles and Policies Murthy, Narasimaha M S 2019 Rs 2250.00
Economics of Development and Growth Beaven, Derek 2019 Rs 1995.00
Educating Children with Learning Disabilities Panda, Pratap Kumar 2019 Rs 495.00
Education and Communication for Development 2nd edn (PB) Dahama, O P & O P Bhatnagar 2019 Rs 695.00
Educational Psychology in Agriculture 2nd edn Daivadenam, Pujari 2019 Rs 1500.00
Educational Technology in Changing Society O M, Kshirsagar 2019 Rs 1650.00
Educational Tourism Donne, Edgar 2019 Rs 1795.00
Elections and Its Mandatories Singh, Vijay Bahadur 2019 Rs 1995.00
Elements in Strategic Brand Management Burton, Gabe 2019 Rs 1950.00
Elements of Soil Conservation Lyman, Cameron 2019 Rs 2195.00
Emerging Pattern of Educational Technology Roldan, Sandra 2019 Rs 1595.00
Encyclopaedia of Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food Singh, Parmeshwar 2019 Rs 2195.00
Encyclopaedia of Earth Science Kusky, Timothy 2019 Rs 3295.00
Encyclopaedia of Earthquakes and Volcanoes 3rd ed Gates, Alexander E & David Ritchie 2019 Rs 2295.00
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