Climate Change

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Climate Resilient Agriculture: Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies Bhan, Manish et al 2019 Rs 2700.00
Crop Protection Strategies: Under Climate Change Scenarios Reddy, P Parvatha 2018 Rs 3550.00
Dynamics of Climate Change and Sustainable Environment Ahmad, Ateeque et al 2018 Rs 1495.00
Environmental Governance and Policy Sharma, Gagan 2019 Rs 1750.00
Global Warming and Climate Change Pithori, Suryaraj 2018 Rs 1195.00
Managing Agricultural Greenhouse Gases: Coordinated Agricultural Research through GRACEnet to Address our Changing Climate Liebig, Mark A et al 2015 Rs 4995.00
Sustainable Rural Development and Climate Change Chandra, Satish 2019 Rs 1595.00
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