Agriculture Seed Science

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Abiotic Stresses: Plant Resistance through Breeding and Molecular Approaches Ashraf, M & P J C Harris eds 2006 Rs 2000.00
Advances in Extension Education for all Competitive related to Extension Education NET ARS MSc Ph D Entrance IAS PCS Dangi, D K 2015 Rs 3200.00
Advances in Seed Science and Technology Singh, Nouratan 2018 Rs 1395.00
Advances in Seed Science and Technology Vol 3: Forest Tree Seed Technology and Management Vanangamudi, K et al 2013 Rs 2500.00
Agri Facts: Seed Science and Technology Useful for JRF ARS NET SAU PhD IFFCO NFL and Other Competitive Exams 3rd edn Prasad, S V Sai 2018 Rs 250.00
Agri Facts: Soil Science Useful JRF ARS NET SAU Ph D IFFCOP NFL and Other Competitive Exams (PB) Prasad, S V Sai et al 2013 Rs 300.00
Agroforestry: Theory and Practices (PB) Raj, A J 2017 Rs 750.00
Agrotechnology for Dryland Farming 2nd revised ed Dhopte, Arvind M 2017 Rs 3950.00
Animal Husbandry: Objective Fundamentals Lal, L 2012 Rs 1500.00
Australian Weed Control Handbook 10th edn Parsons, J M & R G Richardson 1995 $ 65.95
Breeding Field Crops 5th edn Sleper, David Allen & J M Poehlman 2006 Rs 1595.00
Cultivated Annual Oilseed Crops of India Sengupta, K & P K Das 2003 Rs 600.00
Cultivation of Spice Crops (PB) Farooqi, Azhar Ali et al 2005 Rs 525.00
Diseases of Vegetable Crops 3rd edn (PB) Singh, R S 2016 Rs 395.00
Diseases of Vegetable Ornamental and Spice Crops Gupta, S K et al eds 2017 Rs 2250.00
Encyclopaedia of Seed Production of World Crops Kelly, A Fenwick & R A T George eds 2014 Rs 4995.00
Encyclopaedia of Seeds: Science Technology and Uses Black, Michael et al eds 2006 P 220.00
Entrepreneurship Development and Communication Skills (PB) Chole, R R et al 2012 Rs 275.00
Experimental Seed Science and Technology Singh, Nouratan 2018 Rs 1495.00
Farm Manures Thorne, Charles E 2014 Rs 990.00
Forest Seed Science and Management Shukla, Gopal et al 2017 Rs 2600.00
Glimpses of Crop Protection Entomology Plant Nematology Plant Pathology Sericulture (PB) Meena, K et al 2015 Rs 200.00
Guide for Competitive Examinations: Dictionary of Plant Science (PB) Vanangamudi, K et al 2015 Rs 295.00
Handbook of Seed Certification Mishra, Devendra et al eds 2013 Rs 990.00
Handbook of Seed Processing and Marketing Gaur, S C 2018 Rs 1200.00
Hebes: A Guide to Species Hybrids and Allied Genera Metcalf, Lawrie 2006 P 30.00
Identification of Crop and Weed Seeds Musil, Albina F 2015 Rs 1650.00
Instant Plant Breeding and Seed Technology: Readymade Material for Competitive Examination (PB) Rajput, Rahul Singh 2018 Rs 195.00
Introduction to Crops of India 2nd ed Das, N R 2018 Rs 2450.00
Introduction to Spices Plantation Crops Medicinal and Aromatic Plants 3rd edn (PB) Kumar, N 2018 Rs 495.00
Management of Saline and Wastewater in Agriculture Gupta, S K 2015 Rs 2250.00
Masale (PB) Hindi Pruthi, Jeevan Singh 2013 Rs 110.00
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