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Title Author Year Price  
Animal Diversity Hickman, Cleveland P & Roberts, Larry S 2015 Rs 995.00
Colour Atlas of Wildlife Diseases and Disorders Arora, B M & A Chakraborty 2009 Rs 4995.00
Ecology of Wildlife Diseases Hudson, Peter J et al eds 2002 P 46.99
Handbook of Wild and Zoo Animals: Health Care and Management (PB) Singh, Tejinder 2015 Rs 250.00
Illustrated Wildlife Boulenger, E G 2004 Rs 2200.00
Introduction to Wildland Fire 2nd edn Pyne, Stephen J et al 1996 $ 291.95
Management of Wilderness and Environmental Emergencies Auerbach, Paul S & Edward C Geehr eds 1983 Rs 2250.00
Nutrient Requirements of Camel (PB) ICAR 2013 Rs 100.00
Nutrient Requirements of Companion Laboratory and Captive Wild Animals (PB) ICAR 2013 Rs 200.00
Question Bank on Wildlife Jayathangaraj, M G et al 2015 Rs 1295.00
Recent Advances in Zoo and Wild Animals Health and Management Arora, B M et al 2009 Rs 1295.00
Recent Developments in Mangrove Research Mitra, Abhijit et al 2017 Rs 1495.00
Royal Tigers of Bengal Fayrer, John 2006 Rs 350.00
Sheep Production (PB) Kaushish, S K 2012 Rs 500.00
Wildlife and Diseases in India Sharma, Budh Dev ed 2003 Rs 850.00
Wildlife and Ground Flora: An Interaction Scenario of Forests of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri Chaudhuri, A B & D D Sarkar 2003 Rs 595.00
Wildlife Biology 2nd edn Dasmann, Raymond F 2011 Rs 895.00
Wildlife Conservation in Managed Woodlands and Forests 2nd edn Harris, Esmond & Jeanette Harris 1997 Rs 1500.00
Wildlife Drug Formulatory and Critical Care Management Jani, R G 2016 Rs 4295.00
Wildlife Forensic: Investigation Principles and Practice Bundschuh, Jan 2018 Rs 1950.00
Wildlife in India Jugale, K P 2011 Rs 995.00
Wildlife Issues in Changing World 2nd edn Moulton, Michael P & James Sanderson 1999 P 54.99
Wildlife Science: Connecting Research with Management Vashishta, M K 2018 Rs 1995.00
Wonders of the Indian Wilderness Bharucha, Erach 0 Rs 5995.00
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