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Title Author Year Price  
Abattoir Practice by Products and Wool Technology Singh, V P & Neelam Sachan 2018 Rs 2700.00
Advanced Animal Nutrition (PB) Reddy, D V 2017 Rs 525.00
Advanced Technologies for Meat Processing Nollet, L M L & Fidel Toldra eds 2014 Rs 4495.00
Advancement of Veterinary Science Vol 3: History of the Healing Professions Michell, A R ed 1993 P 45.00
Advances in Equine Laparoscopy Ragle, Claude A 2012 $ 164.99
Advances in Livestock Production and Management Kumar, Sunil et al 2014 Rs 4295.00
Advances in Quantitative Structure Property Relationships Vol 3 Charton, Marvin & Barbara I Charton 2002 Rs 1000.00
Advances in Small Animal Total Joint Replacement Peck, Jeffrey N & D J Marcellin Little 2013 $ 136.99
Advances in Virus Research Vol 62 Maramorosch, Karl et al eds 2003 $ 153.00
Agricultural Technologies: Animal Science (PB) I C A R 2016 Rs 350.00
Analysis for Hormonal Substances in Food Producing Animals Kay, Jack F ed 2010 P 121.99
Analytical Techniques in Animal Nutrition Research Prabhu, T M & K Chandrapal Singh 2012 Rs 995.00
Animal Breeding and Genetics Singh, C V 2015 Rs 1450.00
Animal Diseases: Control and Treatment Turner, Neil 2017 P 95.00
Animal Ecology and Behaviour Parihar, G R 2017 Rs 1350.00
Animal Feeding and Production Campbell, Dean 2017 P 105.00
Animal Machines Harrison, Ruth 2013 P 27.50
Animal Nutrition: Advancements in Feeds and Feeding of Livestock Gupta, Lokesh & K K Singhal 2011 Rs 2500.00
Animal Reproduction: Principles Practices Sorensen, A M 2014 Rs 995.00
Animal Sciences: The Biology Care and Production of Domestic Animals 4th edn 2013 Rs 1795.00
Antimicrobial Therapy in Veterinary Medicine 5th edn Giguere, S et al 2016 $ 159.99
AO Principles of Equine Osteosynthesis Bramlage, L R et al 2000 EUR 99.95
Applied Nutrition: Cats Dogs Wild Animals and Birds (PB) Reddy, D V 2014 Rs 325.00
Applied Nutrition: Livestock Poultry Rabbits and Lboratory Animals 3rd edn (PB) Reddy, D V 2016 Rs 425.00
Applied Veterinary Andrology and Frozen Semen Technology Shukla, M K 2011 Rs 950.00
Applied Veterinary Gynaecology and Obstetrics (PB) Kumar, Pradeep 2015 Rs 525.00
Artificial Insemination in Farm Animals Manafi, Milad 2016 $ 150.00
Atlas of Ear Diseases of the Dog and Cat Paterson, Sue & Karen Tobias 2013 $ 153.99
Atlas of Equine Endoscopy Slovis, Nathan M 2004 $ 183.00
Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease: A Field and Laboratory Manual with CD/FAO Capua, Ilaria & Dennia J Alexander eds 2009 EUR 109.99
Beef Cattle Production Systems (PB) Herring, A 2014 P 39.95
Bioavailability of Nutrients for Animals: Amino Acids Minerals and Vitamins Ammerman, Clarence B et al Eds 2013 Rs 2780.00
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