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Anatomy and Physiology (PB) Lega, Sushil et al 2018 Rs 300.00
Applied Statistics in Physical Education and Sports (PB) Singh, Kulbir 2018 Rs 300.00
Athletic Care and Rehabilitation (PB) Gulhane, Ajay Vasantrao 2018 Rs 300.00
Athletics Dekhbhal tatha Punarvas: Athletic Care and Rehabilitation (Hindi) (PB) Bhalla, Sandeep 2018 Rs 300.00
Basics of Judo Chakraborty, Somnath & B S Sekhon 2019 Rs 700.00
Bharatiya Khelo ka Itihas (Hindi) Dixit, Rupesh Kumar 2018 Rs 675.00
Biomechanics in Sports Sanjay 2019 Rs 1200.00
Computer Applications in Physical Education (PB) Kadu, Ravindra Mahadeorao et al 2018 Rs 300.00
Concept of Socialism Secularism Democracy and Education Jha, S N 2019 Rs 800.00
Contemporary Issues in Physical Education Fitness and Wellness (PB) Buchha, Abhay N 2018 Rs 300.00
Curriculum Design (PB) Verma, Hemant J 2016 Rs 300.00
Curriculum Development in Physical Education Pattankar, J S 2018 Rs 1550.00
Data Analysis and Research: For Sport and Exercise Science (PB) Williams, Craig & Chris Wragg 2018 Rs 695.00
Education Technology in Physical Education and Sports (PB) Sahu, Rakesh 2018 Rs 300.00
Educational Technology and Methods of Teaching in Physical Education (PB) Satyanarayana, V 2018 Rs 300.00
Elements of Physical Education Rout, Manamohan 2017 Rs 900.00
Equine Husbandry and Equestrian Sports Panwar, B S & K N Yadav 2010 Rs 1250.00
Evaluation in Physical Education Buchha, Abhay N 2019 Rs 1200.00
Facts and Foundation in Physical Education Pradhan, Ramesh Chandra 2017 Rs 1200.00
Games and Rules Gohil, P A 2018 Rs 1495.00
Games: Rule Book Malik, K P 2018 Rs 1299.00
Gender and Sport: A Reader (PB) Scraton, Sheila & Anne Flintoff 2018 Rs 2150.00
Gene Doping in Sports: The Science and Ethics of Genetically Modified Athletes Schneider, Angela J & T Friedmann 2006 $ 190.00
Guidance and Counselling in Physical Education Papade, Kaveri 2018 Rs 1550.00
Handbook of Physical Education Mishra, Srikanta 2017 Rs 900.00
Health and Strength Selmon, A C 2018 Rs 1200.00
Health Education and Sports Nutrition Yadav, Sanjeev 2017 Rs 795.00
Health Education and Sports Nutrition (PB) Buchha, Abhay N 2018 Rs 300.00
Historical Readings in Physical Education (PB) Bhardwaj, Sudesh & N K Rathee 2018 Rs 300.00
History Principles and Foundation of Physical Education (PB) Rawat, Sanjay A 2018 Rs 300.00
Information and Communication Technology in Physical Education Khokhar, Sanjay Kumar 2019 Rs 1200.00
International Encyclopaedia of Health Nutrition Physical Fitness and Health Science Studies in 4 Vols Sachdeva, A N et al eds 2008 Rs 11500.00
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