Sociology Sch Caste

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Title Author Year Price  
Ambedkar and Dalit Movement Thakur, Rupal G. 2018 Rs 990.00
Caste Class Structure in India Pandey, Ravi Shankar 2019 Rs 1795.00
Caste Hindutva and Dalits Punyani, Ram 2018 Rs 980.00
Dailt and Backward Women Fear and Discrimination Chandra, Satish 2019 Rs 1595.00
Dalit Shiksha ki Varthman Sthiti (Hindi) Singh, Santosh Kumar 2015 Rs 650.00
Dalit Women Towards Development and Empowerment Rao, K Jagajjeevan 2018 Rs 1095.00
Dalit Writings: Reality of Marginalized Communities in India Wankhede, M S 2018 Rs 1650.00
Dalits in Indian Democracy: A Study of Punjab Politics Singh, Nirmal 2018 Rs 840.00
Dialectics of Suppression and Resistance in Dalit Self Narratives Banjare, Mani Ram 2018 Rs 895.00
Dr B R Ambedkar and Fight Against Untouchability Chauhan, Rajesh 2018 Rs 1795.00
Dr B R Ambedkar`s Thoughts on Dalit and Casteism Jaganath, Sindhe R 2019 Rs 3000.00
Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar Prakash, Ved & C P Raj 2018 Rs 1450.00
Gandhi Ambedkar and Indian Dalit Das, Narayan 2019 Rs 1650.00
Gandhi Ambedkar and Indian Dalits Purohit, Ashok 2015 Rs 950.00
Higher Education and The Social Inclusion of Backward Classes Amarnath, K V 2018 Rs 1100.00
Jaatigat Samsya tatha Parivartan: Castism Problem and Change (Hindi) Ibrahim, Mohd 2018 Rs 795.00
Politics of Inclusion Empowering Minorities in India Ghouse, Mohammed et al 2018 Rs 1500.00
Reservation: Policy Practice and its Impact on Society in 2 Vols Prasad, Anirudh & C N Pratap Singh 2016 Rs 2550.00
Rise of Dalit Power in India Kumar, Vijendra 2002 Rs 600.00
Samaj Sahitya ke Prashan aur Dalit Chetna (Hindi) Bechain, Sheoraj Singh 2019 Rs 900.00
Skill Development of SC and ST People: A Desirable Social Challenges for Economic Reform of the Nation Sahoo, Mahima Prakashan & Muna Kalyani 2018 Rs 995.00
Social Harmony and Nation Building: Perspectives of Dr B R Ambedkar Parshad, Gopal & Mahabir Narwal 2019 Rs 1495.00
Sociology of Castes and Caste Conflict: Determinants and Present Status Pandey, Jyoti 2018 Rs 995.00
Voices Unheard: Methodologically Articulated Brahmanandam, T & T B Babu 2018 Rs 650.00
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