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Title Author Year Price  
Agronomy: Science and Technology of Plants Vol 1 Hanks, Jamie 2015 $ 150.00
Agronomy: Science and Technology of Plants Vol 2 Hanks, Jamie 2015 $ 150.00
Annual Review of Nuclear and Practicle Science Vol 28 Jackson, J D et al eds 1978 $ 50.00
Annual Review of Nuclear and Practicle Science Vol 39 Jackson, J D et al eds 1989 $ 60.00
Anthropoid Origins: New Visions Ross, Callum R & Richard F Kay 2004 EUR 83.15
Apaar Urja: Saur Pavan Bhu Taapiya Biogas Biomass Parmanu Hydrogen Panbijali Saagariya Lahariya Jwariya Urja Ojha, D D 2010 Rs 250.00
Bharat Ke Prasiddh Vaigyanik (Hindi) Singh, Akhand Pratap 2016 Rs 795.00
Biofuels Prasad, S & M S Dhanya 2012 Rs 2895.00
Charmarog Nirdeshika (Skin Diseases) (PB) Bhutiya, Ramesh Kumar 2015 Rs 425.00
Competition Book of General Science (PB) Hindi Chaudhary, S P 2018 Rs 325.00
Cosmetics Science and Technology in 3 Vols 2nd edn Balsam, Marvin S & Edward Sagarin eds 2008 Rs 9995.00
Elementary Forensic Science (PB) Shanmukham, B 2016 Rs 595.00
Encyclopaedia of 20th Century Science in 7 Vols Haugen, Peter 2014 Rs 16995.00
Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Science in 3 Vols Malhotra, Pooja 2018 Rs 5550.00
Environmental Science: Physical Principles and Applications Boekar, Egbert & Rienk van Grondelle 2013 Rs 2495.00
Genome Analysis: A Practical Approach (PB) Davies, K E 1988 Rs 795.00
How to Know the Insects 3rd edn (PB) Bland, Roger G & H E Jaques 2018 Rs 595.00
Information Analysis Repackaging Consolation and Information Retrieval: Paper X and XI of UGC Model Curriculum Kumar, P S G 0 Rs 200.00
Material Science and Processes Purohit, R K 2005 Rs 160.00
Microbial Forensics Breeze, Roger G et al 2005 $ 205.00
Nature of Science: An Epistemological Analysis (PB) Ilyin, V & A Kalinkin 2018 Rs 495.00
Nuclear Chemistry Sharma, Jaya 2019 Rs 1800.00
Nutrition Across the Life Span 2nd edn Mitchell, Mary Kay 2015 Rs 995.00
Operation and Control in Power Systems Murty, P S R 0 Rs 550.00
Plantation Crops Ram, Bhani et al 2016 Rs 1495.00
Principles of Weed Science 3rd edn (PB) Rao, V S 2018 Rs 595.00
Science and Society Biswas, Pratul Kumar & Subashree S 2018 Rs 985.00
Textbook of Environmental Science (PB) De, Anil K & Arnab K De 2014 Rs 250.00
Weed Science: Principles and Applications 3rd edn Anderson, Wood Powell 2015 Rs 695.00
Wheat Science Dynamics: Challenges and Opprotunities Chibbar, Ravindra N & James Dexter 2011 Rs 2995.00
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