Remote Sensing

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Title Author Year Price  
Advances in Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis Atkinson, Peter M & Nicholas J Tatae ed 2013 Rs 995.00
Application of Remote Sensing in Geomorphology Kumari, Anamika 2016 Rs 1800.00
Delimitation of Channel Migration Zones in Ganga Sub Basin: Using Remote Sensing& GIS Singh, Kameshwar Nath & Narendra Kumar Rana 2014 Rs 400.00
Digest: A Primer for the International GIS Standard Chan, Kelly 1999 P 42.99
Environmental Remote Sensing from Regional to Global Scales Foody, Giles & Paul Curran ed 2013 Rs 995.00
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Spectral Signature Applications Rajendran, S et al eds 2009 Rs 3650.00
Intelligent Positioning: GIS GPS Unifaction Taylor, George & Geoff Blewitt 2006 $ 149.95
Principles of G P S Dhunta, P S 2001 Rs 1150.00
Remote Sensing Applications in Dryland Natural Resource Management Gaur, Mahesh 2013 Rs 2750.00
Remote Sensing for Natural Resources Management and Monitoring Gaur, Mahesh et al 2016 Rs 3550.00
Remote Sensing for Sustainable Forest Management Franklin, Steven E 2011 Rs 1995.00
Remote Sensing Image Analysis: Including the Spatial Domain with CD Jong, Steven M de & Freek D van der Meer 2011 Rs 1095.00
Remote Sensing in Geomorphology Ramasamy, S M 2005 Rs 700.00
Textbook of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems 4th edn Reddy, M Anji 0 Rs 595.00
Textbook of Soil survey Remote Sensing and Land Use Planning Savalia, S G 2014 Rs 1795.00
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