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Encyclopaedia of the Holy Quran in 5 Vols Set 2nd edn Singh, N K & A R Agwan eds 2016 Rs 10000.00
Essentials of the Quran for Muslims Ahmed, Salahuddin 2016 Rs 1495.00
Islam: Religion History and Civilisation Shakuntala, S 2013 Rs 1800.00
Islamic Psychology: Emergence of a New Field Husain, Akbar 2016 Rs 950.00
Islamist Challenges in West Asia: Doctrinal and Political Competitions After the Arab Spring Ahmad, Talmiz 2013 Rs 695.00
Muslim Community of the Indo Pakistan Subcontinent: A BriefHistorical Analysis Qureshi, Ishtiaq Hussain 1998 Rs 500.00
Prophet Muhammad and His Companions Singh, N K 2016 Rs 1350.00
Towards Islamic Feminism Shamim, Amna 2016 Rs 1095.00
Ulema in Politics: A Study Relating to the Political Activities of the Ulema in the South Asian Subcontinent Qureshi, Ishtiaq Husain 1998 Rs 650.00
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