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Devotional Islam in Contemporary South Asia: Shrines Journeys and Wanderers Boivin, Michel & Remy Delage 2016 P 110.00
Epigraphy and Islamic Culture: Inscriptions of the Early Muslim Rulers of Bengal 1205-1494 Siddiq, Mohammad Yusuf 2016 P 110.00
Indian Muslims and Citizenship: Spaces for Jihad in Everyday Life Abdelhalim Julten 2016 P 90.00
Islam Sufism and Everyday Politics of Belonging in South Asia Dandekar, Deepra & Torsten Tschacher 2016 P 110.00
Islam: Religion History and Civilisation Shakuntala, S 2013 Rs 1800.00
Rethinking Place in South Asian and Islamic Art 1500 Present Hutton, Deborah S & Rebecca M Brown 2017 P 110.00
South Asian Sufis: Devotion Deviation and Destiny (PB) Bennett, Clinton & Charles M Ramsey 2016 Rs 699.00
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