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Title Author Year Price  
Aadivasi Vishwakosh in 10 Vols (Hindi) Sharma, Vinay Kumar 2018 Rs 8500.00
Aimol Dictionary: Aimol English Dictionary Aimol, Kh Okhup 2018 Rs 675.00
Basic Terminology on Bioinformatics Kalaria, Rishee K et al 2019 Rs 1695.00
Biosciences on the Internet: A Students Guide (PB) Dussart, Georges 2002 $ 78.95
Catalogue of Synonymes of the Indian Medicinal Plants Products and Organic Substances in 2 Vols Waring, Edward John & M Sheriff 2008 Rs 3850.00
Compendium of Terms in Ecology and Environment Basu, R N 2004 Rs 1500.00
Concise Dictionary of Entomology (PB) Chowdary, L Rajesh 2014 Rs 410.00
Cytokine: Facts Book 2nd edn (PB) Fitzgerald, Katherine A et al 2001 $ 165.00
Dictionary of Botanical Terms Crozier, A A 2018 Rs 895.00
Dictionary of Business and Economic Terms Sharma, R K 2015 Rs 1250.00
Dictionary of Commerce and Management Jani, Jyotindra M 2012 Rs 1250.00
Dictionary of Genetics Balwan, Walied Khawar 2018 Rs 1350.00
Dictionary of Indian Folk Medicine and Ethnobotany Jain, S K 2015 Rs 1700.00
Dictionary of Poultry Science Lakhotia, R L 2018 Rs 595.00
Dictionary of Synonyms Antonyms Idioms Phrases and Proverbs Dhatwalia, Anil 2018 Rs 1100.00
Dictionary of Synonyms Indian Medicinal Plants: With an Appraisal of Indian Systems of Medicine Khare, C P 2012 Rs 1995.00
Dictionary of Veterinary Science Vohra, Satish 2018 Rs 1275.00
Encyclopaedia of Biological Chemistry in 4 Vols Lennarz, William J & M Daniel Lane eds 2004 $ 1735.00
Encyclopaedia of Earth Science Kusky, Timothy 2019 Rs 3295.00
Encyclopaedia of Earthquakes and Volcanoes 3rd ed Gates, Alexander E & David Ritchie 2019 Rs 2295.00
Encyclopaedia of Nutrition and Good Health 2nd ed Ronzio, Robert & Kennedy Associates 2019 Rs 3495.00
Encyclopaedia of Space and Astronomy Angelo, Joseph A 2019 Rs 3495.00
Encyclopaedia of World Writers: 19th and 20th Centuries Diamond, Marie Josephine & T Boucquey 2019 Rs 3595.00
Encyclopaedia on Agro Ecosystems Rural Development and Extension Education Management in 3 Vols Gupta, Debabrata Das 2018 Rs 6500.00
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Sociology in 3 Vols Rathore, J K 2015 Rs 2400.00
General Agriculture Question bank For ICAR Examinations JRF SRF ARS NET and PHD (PB) Mehrotra, Kushal 2015 Rs 125.00
Glossary of Extension Education: Veterinary Agriculture and Fisheries Science Meena, H R 2013 Rs 1595.00
Glossary of Indian Crops Das, N R 2013 Rs 1450.00
Glossary of Plant Protection Sciences Srivastava, Mukesh & Udit Narayan 2000 Rs 135.00
Glossary of Plant Tissue Culture Donnelly, Danielle J et al 1988 P 20.00
Glossary of Terms in Regional Planning and Development UNAPDI 1980 Rs 200.00
Guide Book for Training the Rural Youths Chowdhury, Sarthak & Prabuddha Ray 2017 Rs 600.00
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