Public Administration

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Title Author Year Price  
Administrative and Civil Service Reforms Patil, Ajay 2016 Rs 1250.00
Administrative Theory Singh, Haridwar 2017 Rs 1800.00
Administrative Theory and Public Administration Verma, Ambika Prasad 2016 Rs 1250.00
Bureaucracy and Development Administration Singh, Anil Kumar 2016 Rs 1800.00
Bureaucracy and Society: IAS at Work Hooja, Rakesh 2009 Rs 695.00
Citizen Participation in Rural Development Seetharam, M 1990 Rs 180.00
Decentralised Convergence Plan: An Alternative Development Sarumathy, M 2017 Rs 1245.00
Democratic Decentralization in India: Experiences Issues and Challenges Venkatesu, E 2016 Rs 895.00
Ethical Facets of Governance Kapila, Renu 2016 Rs 1280.00
Ethics and Management in the Publici Sector Lawton, Alan et al 2016 Rs 950.00
Ethics in Governance: Diverse Aspects Kapila, Renu 2016 Rs 990.00
Ideas and Frameworks of Governing India Samaddar, Ranabir 2016 Rs 1050.00
Insurance Awareness Gohil, Brijrajsinh 2015 Rs 795.00
Introducing Public Administration Desai, Rajiv 2010 Rs 750.00
Lecture Notes on Veterinary Special Pathology: Diseases of Domestic Livestock and Poultry Sriraman, P K 2016 Rs 3295.00
Nonprofit Governance Cornforth, Chris & William A Brown eds 2016 Rs 1250.00
Policies of Public Administration Grover, D C 2007 Rs 895.00
Public Policy and Administrationin India Rathore, Richa 2016 Rs 1195.00
Public Policy: A Study of Government Policy Towards Higher Education Hai, Md Adbul 2016 Rs 495.00
Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making in 2 Vols Agarwal, N P 2005 Rs 1800.00
Social Movements and State in New Global Era Gupta, Kamlesh 2016 Rs 1495.00
Theory and Practice in Public Administration Shrivastava, Vidya Bhushan 2016 Rs 1800.00
Tribal Self Governance: PESA and Its Implementation Tiwari, Nupur 2015 Rs 750.00
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