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Title Author Year Price  
1857 First War of Independence Bobade, Bhujang Ramrao & Omshiva Ligade 2017 Rs 1295.00
Administration for Development and Progress Prasad, Nanheshwar 2017 Rs 1800.00
Administrative Reforms and Good Governance Meena, Janak Singh 2016 Rs 950.00
Ambedkar and Making of Indian Constitution Das, Narayan 2016 Rs 1500.00
Ambedkar Dalit Politics and Inclusion Das, Narayan 2017 Rs 1500.00
Becoming Assamese: Colonialism and New Subjectivities in Northeast India Sengupta, Madhumita 2016 Rs 895.00
Changing Perspective of Multiculturalism and Good Governance: Understanding Nationalism and Communitarianism Raj, Triranjan 2016 Rs 995.00
Commanders in Chief of India (1748-1947) Kumar, Raj 2016 Rs 700.00
Comprehensive Encyclopaedia of the Great Gandhi in 2 Vols Subramanayan, R & A S Pabla 2017 Rs 5000.00
Dalit Politics and Literature Prasad, Jaishankar 2017 Rs 1500.00
Dalit Welfare and Indian Constitution Prasad, Jaishankar 2017 Rs 1500.00
Dr Ambedkar's Vision of Social Justice in Indian Constitution chaudhary, Ram Naresh 2017 Rs 1280.00
Dr B R Ambedkar and Social Transformation Malhotra, Anjna 2017 Rs 680.00
Empire (PB) Hardt, Michael & Antonio Negri 2016 Rs 595.00
Encyclopaedia of Gandhis Struggle for Indian Freedom in 2 Vols Prasad, Ambika 2017 Rs 5000.00
Foreign Policy and Nation Security Purohit, S K 2017 Rs 1250.00
Global Violence Peace amd Security Garg, Ranjan 2015 Rs 880.00
Governance (PB) Kjaer, Anne Mette 2004 Rs 450.00
Governance for the Humans: Designing Public Policy in India Gupta, R N 2016 Rs 495.00
History of Freedom Struggle Kumar, S 2017 Rs 1095.00
Human Rights and Narrated Lives: The Ethics of Recognition Schaffer, Kay & Sidonie Smith 2015 Rs 2495.00
Identity and Identification in India: Defining the Disadvantaged (PB) Jenkins, Laura Dudley 2016 Rs 750.00
Indian Constitution and Indian Politics Kaur, Amrit & Gunwanti 2017 Rs 1295.00
Indian Constitutional Act: East India Company to Independence Ali, Irfan 2016 Rs 1800.00
Indias National Security:Annual Review 2015-16 Kumar, Satish 2016 Rs 1295.00
Indias Naval Strategy and Asian Security (PB) Mukherjee, Anit & C Raja Mohan ed 2016 Rs 795.00
Indira Gandhi: A Comprehensive Political Biography Reddy, Damodara, K 2016 Rs 1995.00
International Relation Kumar, S 2017 Rs 1100.00
Jallad: Death Squads and State Terror in South Asia  (PB) Khalil, Tasneem 2016 P 12.99
Jawaharlal Nehru and Indian Freedom Struggle Agarwal, Chetan & R K Pruthi 2016 Rs 1590.00
Jawaharlal Nehru and World Politics Agarwal, Chetan & R K Pruthi 2016 Rs 1450.00
Jawaharlal Nehru: Maker of Modern India Agarwal, Chetan & R K Pruthi 2016 Rs 1550.00
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