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Title Author Year Price  
Advanced Mechanics of Solids Amgothu, Balram Naik 2018 Rs 1095.00
Anatomy of Crude Drugs 12th edn(PB) Iyengar, M A & S C K Nayak 2014 Rs 80.00
Annual Review of Nuclear and Practicle Science Vol 28 Jackson, J D et al eds 1978 $ 50.00
Annual Review of Nuclear and Practicle Science Vol 39 Jackson, J D et al eds 1989 $ 60.00
Applied Physics Yadav, Vinta 2018 Rs 695.00
Applied Physics II 3rd edn (PB) Karkare, Manasi & Rajni Bahuguna 2013 Rs 195.00
Atomic and Nuclear Physics Littlefield, T A & N Thorley 2014 Rs 325.00
Atomic Physics Mohan, Joseph 2010 $ 120.00
Biological Physics Mielczarek, Eugenie V et al eds, Mielczarek, Eugenie V et al eds 1993 $ 69.95
Biomaterials for MEMS Chiao, M & J C Chiao eds 2011 $ 149.95
Book of Physics in Perspective Bhargava, S C 2018 Rs 695.00
Brief Chronicle of Modern Physics Saha, Sebabrata 2018 Rs 390.00
Building Physics Conceptual Network Rajwade, Madhav R 2018 Rs 695.00
Classical Mechanics Kagali, B A & T Shivalingaswamy 2018 Rs 1295.00
Cognitive Styles and Achievement in Physics: Classroom Environment and Motivation Ganihar, Noorjehan N & B D Shiraganvi 2019 Rs 1900.00
Companion to the New Cosmology (PB) Coles, Peter 2018 Rs 1195.00
Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites: Synthesis, Characterisations and Applications Kondawar, Subhash B & Hemlata J Sharma 2017 Rs 3995.00
Degradation Rate of Bioresorbable Materials: Prediction and Evaluation Buchanan, Fraser 2008 $ 280.00
Electromagnetic Induction and Maxwell Equation Mehta, Maharshi A 2018 Rs 1500.00
Electromagnetic Wave and Energy Flow Mehta, Maharshi A 2018 Rs 1500.00
Elementary Physics Jadav, R M 2016 Rs 950.00
Emission and Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation by Atoms Bhatt, Amee P 2018 Rs 1500.00
Encyclopaedia of Nuclear Physics and Its Applications Putz, Horia V 2019 Rs 2195.00
Encyclopaedia of Soil Analysis: Chemistry Physical and Biological Properties in 3 Vols Anderson, Roy C et al eds 2017 P 360.00
Engineering Mechanics Malik, A K et al 2013 Rs 245.00
Essential Dynamics and Relativity Donnell, Steve O 2019 Rs 2250.00
Fundamentals of Physics Aggarwal, Vibha 2018 Rs 995.00
Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics Statistical Mechanics and Solid State Physics Lui, Micheal 2019 Rs 1550.00
Handbook of Agricultural Geophysics Allred, Barry J et al 2017 Rs 3495.00
Handbook of Leather and Leather Products Technology (PB) EIRI 2005 Rs 850.00
Handbook of Optical Properties Vol 2: Optics of Small Particles Interfaces and Surfaces Hummel, Rolf E & P Wibmann eds 1997 P 109.00
Helicopter Dynamics (PB) Done, George & David Balmford 2013 Rs 1295.00
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