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Achieving Quality and Compliance Excellence in Pharmaceuticals: A Master Class GMP Guide Saghee, Madhu Raju 2012 Rs 2800.00
Activated Carbon Applications in the Food and PharmaceuticalIndustries Roy, Glenn M 1995 P 124.00
Advanced Pharmacology (PB) Medhi, Bikash & Ajay Prakash 2016 Rs 795.00
Advances in Drug Discovery Techniques Harvey, Alan L ed 1998 $ 320.00
Apoptosis Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology: Approaches to Measurement and Quantitation Davis, Myrtle A ed 2002 EUR 119.99
Bioinformatics and Drug Discovery Larson, Richard S 2008 Rs 2095.00
Biologically Active Natural Products: Pharmaceuticals Cutler, Horace G & Stephen J C eds 2011 Rs 3195.00
Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Processing and Preservation Avis, Kenneth E & Vincent L Wu 2011 Rs 1995.00
Chikitsa evam Swasthya Ke Mool Siddhant (Hindi) Kumar, Ashok 2014 Rs 795.00
Clinical Trials of Drugs and Biopharmaceuticals Lee, Chin Jen et al 2011 Rs 1695.00
Community Pharmacy Practice (PB) Adepu, Ramesh 2015 Rs 325.00
Comparative Diagnostic Pharmacology: Clinical and Research Applications in Living System Models Coyne, C P 2014 Rs 4995.00
Complete Manufacturing Technology of Tablets Capsules Injectables Dry Syrups Oral and External Preparations Eye Ear and Topical Preparations and Packaging with Formulations (PB) EIRI 2016 Rs 1575.00
Computer Applications in Pharmaceutical Research and Development (PB) Ekins, Sean 2017 Rs 1495.00
Cost Rationalisation in Pharmaceutical Production: Supply Chain Gaps and Opportunities Prasad, G B R K 2010 Rs 1200.00
Design and Analysis of Animal Studies in Pharmaceutical Development Chow, Shein Chung & Jen Pei Liu 2011 Rs 3195.00
Drug Testing in Alternate Biological Specimens Jenkins, Amanda ed 2008 EUR 200.00
Drugs: From Discovery to Approval 2nd edn Rick, N G 2009 $ 99.95
Essentials of Pathophysiology for Pharmacy (PB) Zdanowicz, Martin M 2017 Rs 750.00
Ethnomedicinal Plants: Phytochemistry and Pharmacological Profiles Vol 1 Sharma, H P 2016 Rs 2995.00
Ethnopharmacology of Medicinal Plants: Asia and the Pacific Wiart, Christophe 2015 Rs 1495.00
Filtration in the Biopharmaceutical Industry Meltzer, Theodore H & Maik W J eds 1998 P 135.00
Freshwater Phytopharmaceutical Compounds Ramesh, Santhanam et al 2014 P 132.00
Global New Drug Development an Introduction Khare, Rita 2018 Rs 1995.00
Handbook of Applied Statistics in Pharmacology Srivastava, Katsumi 2018 Rs 1995.00
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Natural Products in 2 Vols Brahmachari, Goutam 2010 $ 495.00
Herbal Bioactives and Food Fortification: Extraction and Formulation Kumar, D Suresh 2015 P 113.00
Herbal Medicines Interactions: A Guide to the Interactions of Herbal Medicines Williamson, Elizabeth et al eds 2013 P 65.00
Herbal Supplements: Drug Interactions Scientific and Regulatory Perspectives Lam, Y W Francis et al 2014 Rs 3995.00
Highlights on Pharmacovigilance (PB) Yeole, P G & Dhanalakshmi Iyer 2015 Rs 895.00
Impurities Evaluation of Pharmaceuticals Ahuja, Satinder 2006 Rs 2995.00
Indigenous Drugs of India: Short Descriptive Notices of the Principal Medicinal Products Met with in British India Dey, Kanny Lall & William Mair 2012 Rs 2650.00
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