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Molecular Microbial Ecology Osborn, A Mark & Cindy J Smith eds 2008 Rs 995.00
Molecular Microbiology Laboratory: A Writing Intensive Course Ream, Walt et al 2003 $ 72.95
Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions Bouarab, Kamal et al eds 2009 P 99.95
Molecular Signals in Plant Microbe Communications Verma, Desh Pal S ed 1992 P 154.00
Molecular Simulations and Biomembranes Sansom, Mark S P & Philip C Biggin 2010 P 132.99
Molecular Virology Adoga, Moses P 2017 $ 125.00
Molecular Wine Microbiology Carrascosa, Alfonso V et al eds 2011 $ 147.00
Myxobacteria II Dworkin, Martin & Dale Kaiser eds 1993 $ 119.95
Objective Agricultural Microbiology at a Glance (PB) Verma, D.K. & Balaram Mohapatra 2015 Rs 175.00
Omics Approaches: Tools to Unravel Microbial Systems (PB) Subhashini, D V et al 2017 Rs 1000.00
paadap Parjeevi Sutrakrimi: Ek Mulyagranth (Introductory Nematology) PB-Hindi Bajaj, Harish Kanth & Raman Kumar Walia 2018 Rs 450.00
Perspectives in Molecular Toxiology Menez, Andre ed 2002 $ 665.00
Pharmaceutical Microbiology: A Comprehensive Approach 2nd ed (PB) Maddali, Ravi Kumar 2018 Rs 525.00
Plant Cell Biology 2nd edn Hawes, Chris & B S Jeunemaitre eds 2004 Rs 525.00
Plant Microbe Symbiosis: Fundamentals and Advances Arora, Naveen Kumar ed 2013 EUR 184.99
Plant Microbiology Gillings, M & A Holmes eds 2004 P 145.00
Plasticity in Plant Growth Promoting and Phytopathogenic Bacteria Katsy, Elena I 2015 EUR 164.99
Practical Teachings in Microbiology Kocher, G S 2013 Rs 1995.00
Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science Vol 85 Condon, Ciaran 2009 $ 190.00
Progress in Mycology Rai, Mahendra & George Kovics eds 2010 Rs 2950.00
RNA Viruses: A Practical Approach Cann, Alan J ed 2000 P 47.50
Sex in Fungi: Molecular Determination and Evolutionary Implications Heitman, Joseph et al 2007 $ 169.95
Soil Microbiology (PB) Singh, Tanuja et al 2017 Rs 750.00
Soil Microbiology 2nd edn Tate, Robert L 2013 Rs 1195.00
Soil Microbiology 4th edn (PB) Rao, N S Subba 2017 Rs 580.00
Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry Dar, Ghulam Hassan 2010 Rs 3250.00
Soil Microbiology Ecology and Biochemistry 4th edn Paul, Eldor A ed 2017 Rs 3995.00
Stress Response in Pathogenic Bacteria Kidd, Stephen ed 2011 P 90.00
Techniques in Agricultural Microbiology Dubey, S K et al 2015 Rs 1800.00
Techniques in Molecular Diagnostics Saikia, Kandarpa Kumar 2016 Rs 990.00
Textbook of Fungi Bacteria and Viruses (PB) Dube, H C 2015 Rs 250.00
Textbook of Industrial Microbiology Joshi, R D 2017 Rs 2495.00
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