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Monoclonal Antibody Protocols (PB) Davis, William C ed 1995 EUR 119.99
Nanomedicine Properties of Nanomaterials Sharma, A K 2018 Rs 1895.00
Nanotechnology in Health Care Gupta, P D & N Udupa 2012 Rs 800.00
Natural Medicines: An Encyclopaedis of Complementary Healing Arts and Sciences Kundu, Debasish & Malik A K Awan 2017 P 90.00
Neuroinformatics Crasto, Chiquito Joaquim 2007 EUR 144.99
Neuropeptide Protocols Irvine, G Brent et al eds 1997 EUR 144.99
Nitric Oxide Protocols 2nd edn Hassid, Aviv ed 2004 EUR 119.99
Nucleic Acid Protocols Handbook (PB) Rapley, Ralph ed 2001 EUR 200.00
Pathological Investigation with Analysis (PB) Dashora, Madan Mohan 2013 Rs 190.00
Pathology of Drug Abuse Kornet Raymond 2018 Rs 2195.00
Pharmacographia Indica: A History of the Principal Drugs of Vegetable Origin in 3 Vols Dymock, William et al 2005 Rs 5100.00
Physiology of Immunity Marsh, James A & Marion D Kendall eds 1996 P 200.00
Polyamine Protocols Morgan, David, M L ed 1998 EUR 119.99
Positive Beauty Sharma, Girish 2012 Rs 695.00
Potassium Channels: Methods and Protocols Lippiat, Jonathan D 2008 EUR 144.99
PRINS and In Situ PCR Protocols Gosden, John R ed 1997 $ 89.50
Prion Diseases Collinge, John & Mark S Palmer eds 1997 P 29.95
Prion Protein Protocols Hill, Andrew F 2008 EUR 129.99
Receptor Signal Transduction Protocols Challiss, R A J ed 1997 $ 119.50
Receptor Signal Transduction Protocols 2nd edn Willars, Gary B & R A John Challiss 2004 EUR 114.35
Retinoid Protocols Redfern, Christopher P F ed 1998 EUR 174.99
Ribozyme Protocols Turner, Philip C ed 1997 EUR 189.99
Role of Viruses in Oral Cancer Gupta, Kanupriya 2017 Rs 500.00
Samudayiki Swasthya Gupta, Sangeeta 2016 Rs 995.00
Skin and Hair Care Sharma, Girish 2012 Rs 695.00
Social Work Practice in Health and Medical Profession Suvarnkhandi, Sangameshwar S 2017 Rs 1750.00
Sociology of Health and Medicine Nagla, Madhu 2018 Rs 1495.00
Species Diagnostics Protocols: PCR and Other Nucleic Acid Methods (PB) Clapp, Justin P ed 1996 EUR 184.99
Sports Medicine Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (PB) Buchha, Abhay N 2016 Rs 300.00
Target Discovery and Validation Reviews and Protocols Vol 2: Emerging Molecular Targets and Treatment Options Sioud, Mouldy 2007 EUR 154.99
Textbook of Medicinal Chemistry Aryan, Akash 2018 Rs 1195.00
Textbook on Diseases of Goat Ramesh, P T 2017 Rs 495.00
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