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DNA Sequencing II: Optimizing Preparation and Cleanup Kieleczawa, Jan ed 2006 $ 44.95
Drug Hepatotoxicity Rustgi, Vinod K 2017 $ 100.00
Drug Metabolism and Transport: Molecular Methods and Mechanisms Lash, Lawrence H ed 2010 Rs 1495.00
Drugs: From Discovery to Approval 2nd edn Rick, N G 2009 $ 113.95
Elusive Magic Bullet: The Search for the Perfect Drug Mann, John 1999 P 19.99
Encyclopaedia of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (PB) Navarra, Tova 2005 $ 18.95
Encyclopaedia of Medical and Veterinary Entomology Russell, Richard C et al 2013 P 130.00
Endocrine Disruptors: Effects on Male and Female Reproductive Systems Naz, Rajesh K ed 1999 P 91.00
Epidemic Malaria and Hunger in Colonial Punjab: Weakened by Want Zurbrigg, Sheila 2019 Rs 1495.00
Escherichia Coli: Virulence Mechanisms of a Versatile Pathogen Donnenberg, Michael S ed 2002 $ 134.00
Essentials of Canine Cardiovasacular Medicine Rao, V V 2018 Rs 3295.00
Essentials of Genomic and Personalized Medicine Ginsburg, Geoffrey S & Huntington F Willard 2010 $ 144.00
Evaluation of the Small Bowel Gerson, Lauren B 2017 $ 100.00
Facial Scar Management Hom, David B 2017 $ 100.00
First Responder`s Manual of Prehospital Trauma Care (PB) Vyas, Dinesh 2018 Rs 380.00
Foundations of Comparative Genomics Mushegian, Arcady R 2007 $ 103.00
Functional Foods and Cardiovascular Disease Moghadasian, M H & N A M Eskin eds 2012 P 110.00
Fundamentals of Protein Structure and Function 2nd ed Buxbaum, Engelbert 2019 Rs 2995.00
Herbal Antioxidants Chemistry and Medical Applications Kumar, Vikas & Navneer Kaur 2018 Rs 1595.00
Herbal Medicines 3rd edn Barnes, Joanne et al 2011 P 92.00
Herbal Supplements: Drug Interactions Scientific and Regulatory Perspectives Lam, Y W Francis et al 2014 Rs 3995.00
Hormone Assays in Biological Fluids Wheeler, Michael J & J S M Hutchinson 2006 EUR 144.99
Immune and Receptor Essays in Theory and Practice Englebienne, Patrick 2000 P 78.99
Immune Regulators in Transfer Factor Khan, Amanullah et al eds 1979 Rs 1200.00
Immunoinformatics: Bioinformatic Strategies for Better Understanding of Immune Function Novartis 2003 $ 226.00
Immunology of Fungal Diseases Kurstak, Edouard et al eds 1989 $ 195.00
Immunology of Infection (PB) Kaufman, Stefan H E & Dieter Kabelitz 1998 $ 200.00
Immunotoxin Methods and Protocols Hall, Walter A ed 2001 EUR 144.95
In Vitro Neurotozicology: Principles and Challenges Castiglioni, Evelyn Tiffany ed 2004 EUR 174.99
In Vivo Neuromethods Boulton, Alan A et al eds 1998 EUR 174.99
Incorporating Herbal Medicine into Clinical Practice Bascon, Angella 2002 Rs 495.00
Infection Prevention and Control in Healthcare Part II: Epidemiology and Prevention of Infections Kaye, Keith S & S Dhar 2016 $ 100.00
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