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Title Author Year Price  
Proceedings of the Conference on Graph Connections Balakrishana, R 0 Rs 300.00
Ramanujan`s Contributions: A Technical Report Thivagar, M L 2016 Rs 1695.00
Research Methodology: Methods and Techniques Kapoor, D R 2015 Rs 1550.00
Risk Quantification: Management Diagnosis and Hedging 2006 $ 99.00
Soil Water Interactions: Mechanisms and Applications 2nd Edition Iwata, S et al 2015 Rs 5995.00
Statistical Methods 8th Edition Snedecor, George W 2014 Rs 1295.00
Statistical Theory Gaurao, Rajendra G 2016 Rs 1225.00
Stochastic Processes and Applications: Diffusions Processes the Fokker Planck and Langevin Equations Pavliotis, Grigorios A 2014 EUR 59.99
Textbook of Remedial Mathematics 2nd edn (PB) Rao, P Seshagiri 2008 Rs 550.00
Textbook of Statistics Ganesan, R & P V Sreenivasaiah 2015 Rs 1000.00
You Want me to Teach What?: (PB) LaFave, Norman 2017 Rs 695.00
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