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Title Author Year Price  
Abstract Algebra Gupta, Sunil 2018 Rs 1495.00
Advanced Differential Equations Gireesha, B J et al 2017 Rs 3495.00
Advanced Engineering Mathematics Duffy, Dean G 1998 P 64.00
Advanced Engineering Mathematics (PB) Mishra, Pratibha et al 2017 Rs 695.00
Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers: Asymptotic Methods and Perturbation Theory (PB) Bender, Carl M & Steven A Orszag 1999 EUR 104.99
Advanced Number: Theory with Application Whitman, Garry 2019 Rs 1950.00
Algebraic Number Theory Whitman, Garry 2019 Rs 1925.00
Algebraic Topology: An Introduction Khan, Naseer 2019 Rs 2195.00
Calculus for Computer Graphics Narayan, Gopal 2019 Rs 1995.00
Calculus With Vectors Green, Luis J 2019 Rs 1995.00
Chemical Calulations Mathematics for Chemistry Schmidt, Cyril 2019 Rs 2195.00
Combinatorics and Graph Theory Sachdev, Ritika 2018 Rs 795.00
Course in Field Theory Kenneth, Alexander 2019 Rs 2195.00
Differential Calculus Thange, T G 2017 Rs 1295.00
Fundamentals of Algorithms Jadhav, Archana & Sheetal Kashid 2018 Rs 895.00
Fundamentals of Biostatistics 5th edn (PB) Khan, Irfan A & Atiya Khanum 2018 Rs 650.00
Fundamentals of Continuum Nejad, Yavari Mohammad 2019 Rs 1995.00
Fuzzy Logic and Computational Linguistics George, Raju K et al 2018 Rs 2200.00
Handbook of Mathematical Induction: Theory and Application Wade, F D 2019 Rs 2195.00
History of Mathematics in 6 Vols 2nd ed Tabak, John 2018 Rs 8995.00
Linear Algebra Bhagirath, Manohar B et al 2018 Rs 795.00
Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus (PB) Satyanarayana, Bhavanari et al 2016 Rs 445.00
Mathematical Concepts Computers State of Matter and Chemical Kinetics: A Textbook of Physical Chemistry (PB) Rathoure, Ashok K et al 2017 Rs 495.00
Mathematical Foundations of Statistical Mechanics: Algorithms and Computations Tiwari, K K 2019 Rs 1695.00
Mathematical Methods for Economics Part 1 Singh, Raj Bahadur et al 2018 Rs 1195.00
Mathematical Methods for Economics Part 2 Singh, Raj Bahadur et al 2018 Rs 995.00
Mathematical Modeling for System Analysis in Agricultural Research Vohnout, Karel D 2018 Rs 3995.00
Mathematical Modelling Khan, Naseer 2019 Rs 1950.00
Mathematical Techniques in GIS Johnson, Ricky D 2019 Rs 2195.00
Methods and Techniques for Business Decisions Saha, R G et al 2018 Rs 985.00
Probability and Statistics Gupta, Sunil 2018 Rs 1495.00
Ramanujan`s Contributions: A Technical Report Thivagar, M L 2016 Rs 1695.00
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